ALCTS Past-President Betsy Simpson of the University of Florida, was elected to serve as BIBCO's representative to PCC. Congratulations, Betsy!

Michael Wright, of the University of Iowa, has served for several years as the ALCTS representative to the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee. For the coming term, ALA President Elect Maureen Sullivan appointed Mike a member at large of the IFC. Congratulations, Mike!

Calling All Book Reviewers

Library Resources & Technical Services (LRTS), the official journal of ALCTS, is recruiting book reviewers. If you enjoy reading and writing about the professional literature, I’d love to hear from you. For a free, no obligation consultation about this opportunity, please contact Norm Medeiros at

Give ANO a New Name—and Win!

ALCTS Newsletter Online is going to undergo a significant redesign in the coming months. With this new design, we'd like to give ANO a new name.

Think you've got one? Submit your suggestion to by December 1. Be sure to tell us who you are—the winning entry will receive a free ALCTS webinar!

ALCTS Awards Nominations Sought

Nominations are being accepted for the 2013 Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award. The deadline for nominations and supporting materials is Dec. 1.

The Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the contribution of a library leader who has demonstrated exceptional service to ALCTS and its areas of interest (acquisitions, cataloging and classification, collection management and development, preservation and reformatting and continuing resources). Selection of the winner is based on the person's accomplishments relating to leadership, including, but not limited to: recognized leadership in professional associations at the local, state, regional or national level, with emphasis on ALCTS; acknowledged leader in and by the library community at large; significant contribution to professional literature; exemplary research in ALCTS areas; or recognition of achievements, e.g., awards, citations, etc. The award winner receives a citation honoring his/her contributions and a stipend of $3,000 generously donated by EBSCO. Nominees must be ALCTS members. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

If you are interested in nominating a candidate, send nominations, including name, address, phone number and email address of nominee and nominating party; a formal statement of nomination, with a rationale for the nomination; a resume, vita or extensive narrative career outline upon which the award jury can base its determinations; and letters of endorsement to: John Duke, chair, Ross Atkinson Award Jury,

Visit the ALCTS Awards page page for more information about the Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as many other awards sponsored by ALCTS.

Industry News

CIP for E-Books

Starting in July, the Library’s Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Program expanded its scope to include electronic books. This moves into production a pilot project begun in October 2011, whereby the Library has provided prepublication CIP metadata for titles that are published simultaneously in print and electronic format to four participating publishers (RAND Corporation, the University Press of Mississippi, Wiley—including Wiley imprint Jossey-Bass—and the World Bank). For more information on CIP for e-books, visit the Cataloging in Publication Program website.

DRM Tip Sheets Now Available

The library education subgroup of the Digital Content and Libraries Working Group is developing a series of “Tip Sheets” that will put in plain terms issues related to library services in the digital environment. The subgroup will be pushing the tip sheets out to a long list of ALA (and non-ALA) units and is finalizing a cover letter that will accompany the tip sheets. The first in the series is on Digital Rights Management (DRM), available in PDF format.

MELA Launches New Website

The MELA Committee on Cataloging (ConC) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which incorporates the Arabic Cataloging Manual (ACM). The site provides information and useful resources for catalogers and librarians of Arabic, Persian and other languages of the Middle East, and serves as a forum for communication with colleagues nationally and internationally. With its new site, ConC aims to stimulate an exchange of ideas about current standards, emerging trends and best practices. We would love to receive your feedback. Send your e-mails to

NISO Publishes Common XML Format for Exchanging Journal Content

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the publication of a new American National Standard, Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS), ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012. JATS provides a common XML format in which publishers and archives can exchange journal content by preserving the intellectual content of journals independent of the form in which that content was originally delivered. In addition to the element and attribute descriptions, three journal article tag sets (the Archiving and Interchange Tag Set, the Journal Publishing Tag Set, and the Article Authoring Tag Set) are part of the standard. While designed to describe the textual and graphical content of journal articles, it can also be used for some other materials, such as letters, editorials, and book and product reviews.

The JATS standard is available as both an online XML document and a freely downloadable PDF from the NISO website. Supporting documentation and schemas in DTD, RELAX NG, and W3C Schema formats are available at

New Edition of SERU available from NISO

NISO announces the publication of a new edition of the recommended practice "SERU: A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding" (NISO RP-7-2012). The SERU Recommended Practice offers a mechanism that can be used as an alternative to a license agreement by expressing commonly shared understandings between content providers and libraries. These understandings include such things as the definition of authorized users, expectations for privacy and confidentiality, and online performance and service provisions. The 2012 updated version of SERU recognizes both the importance of making SERU more flexible for those who want to expand its use beyond e-journals, while acknowledging the fact that consensus for other types of e-resource transactions are not as well-established as they are for e-journals.

The SERU Recommended Practice, the SERU Registry, and additional helpful resources are available from the  SERU workroom page on the NISO website.

Saving and Sharing the American Geographical Society Library's Historic Nitrate Negative Images

An NEH-Funded Project

American Geographical Society Library

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries

In 2010 the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) generously funded a two-year project to preserve and provide access to the American Geographical Society Library's seventy thousand nitrate negatives. These invaluable images span every continent with the exception of Antarctica and document a global range of peoples, cultures, and landscapes as seen through the eyes of geographers, adventurers and professional photo journalists.

The AGS Library is the former research library of the American Geographical Society (AGS), which was founded in the early 1850s to promote the collection of geographical information and to establish and maintain a library with a collection of maps, charts and instruments. Through the years, the AGS Library succeeding in building a distinguished photographic collection, with images dating from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, which included a sizable number of nitrate negatives. Cellulose nitrate film, introduced in 1889, was an important innovation in photography and was popular for well over half a century. It is, however, a volatile and flammable material, and it was clear that the AGSL’s deteriorating negatives required immediate attention.

The NEH-funded project enabled the AGS Library to rehouse, scan, create metadata for, publish online and provide cold storage for these historic images.

To view the results of this project please go to