Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor One doesn’t need to be Anna Wintour to find that editing a September issue is a great challenge. ANO isn’t a 500-page book like Vogue, but all the terrific coverage from the Annual Conference easily makes our September issue the biggest and most informative issue of the year.  |  more

From the President  During the coming year, the ALCTS Board, along with other ALCTS groups, will work toward enhancing our association’s effectiveness in the library and information world. How will we seek to accomplish this goal?  |  more

From the Office  I’ve listened to WNIU for many years now, and I have developed a relationship with the daytime on-air hosts (of course unbeknownst to them). The relationship only exists in my mind, but nevertheless it’s somewhat comforting to know that when I get in in the morning, I’ll hear John Zech or later Lynne Warfel. After so many hours of listening, I feel I know them. I can say the same about my years at ALCTS.  | more