Event Calendar

The events in this calendar are among the very best offerings for library technical services professionals, but are by no means the only events of interest. ALA maintains Affiliates Conference & Event Calendar 2012–2024, a comprehensive calendar of events of interest to all library professionals.

Events marked with an asterisk (*) are hosted or sponsored by ALCTS.


September 26–29
Wyoming Library Association Annual Conference | Casper, Wyoming

September 27–29
Association for Rural & Small Libraries Annual Conference | Raleigh, North Carolina

September 30–October 3
Pennsylvania Library Association Annual Conference | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

September 30–October 2
Society for Scholarly Publishing | Arlington, VA


October 1–26
*Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management | ALCTS Web Course

October 1–5
iPRES 2012 | Toronto, Canada

October 3
*Demand-Driven Acquisitions, part 2 | ALCTS Webinar

October 3–5
Council of Media Organizations Conference" | Macon, Georgia

October 3–5
Idaho Library Association Annual Conference" | Pocatello, Idaho

October 3–5
Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference | St. Paul, Minnesota

October 3–5
Missouri Library Association Conference | Springfield, Missouri

October 3–5
South Dakota Library Association Annual Conference | Huron, South Dakota

October 4–5
Nevada Library Association Annual Conference | Las Vegas, Nevada

October 4–7
2012 LITA National Forum | Columbus, Ohio

October 7–11
International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) | New Delhi, India

October 9–12
Illinois Library Association Annual Conference | Peoria, Illinois

October 10
*The Art of Selecting Digital Content to Preserve | ALCTS Webinar

October 10–12
Iowa Library Association Conference | Dubuque, Iowa

October 10–12
West Virginia Library Association Annual Conference | Roanoke, West Virginia

October 10–14
Frankfurt Book Fair | Frankfort, Germany

October 11–12
Digital Public Library of America Midwest | Chicago, Illinois

October 14–16
Arkansas Library Association Annual Conference | Springdale, Arkansas

October 14–16
New England Library Association Annual Conference | Sturbridge, Massachusetts

October 15–November 23
*Fundamentals of Collection Assessment | ALCTS Web Course

October 16–17
Journal Article Tag Suite Conference | Bethesda, Maryland

October 17
*RDA Name Authorities--What's new and different from AACR2 | ALCTS Webinar

October 17–19
Nebraska Triconference | La Vista, Nebraska

October 18–19
NISO Forum: The E-Book Renaissance, Part II: Challenges and Opportunities | Boston, Massachusetts

October 18–20
Colorado Association of Libraries Conference | Keystone, Colorado

October 18–21
Access Conference 2012 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

October 18–21
OLAC 2012: Online Audiovisual Catalogers Conference | Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 19
Annual National Archives Preservation Conference | Washington, D.C.

October 22–24
Internet Librarian | Monterey, California

October 22–November 16
*Fundamentals of Preservation | ALCTS Web Course

October 23–26
Mississippi Library Association Annual Conference | Natchez, Mississippi

October 23–26
Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference | La Crosse, Wisconsin

October 24
*Principles of Classification | ALCTS Webinar

October 24–26
South Carolina Library Association Annual Conference | Columbia, South Carolina

October 24–26
Virginia Library Association Annual Conference | Williamsburg, Virginia

October 26
Brick and Click Libraries Symposium | Maryville, Missouri

October 26–30
ASIS&T 75th Annual Meeting | Baltimore, Maryland

October 29–November 2
BooksOnline | Maui, Hawaii

October 29–November 2
ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management | Maui, Hawaii

October 30–31
Internet Librarian International | London, United Kingdom

October 31
*RDA for the Non-Cataloger: What’s In It For You? | ALCTS Webinar


November 2
North Carolina Preservation Consortium Annual Conference | Raleigh, North Carolina

November 2–4
California Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition | San Jose, California

November 4–5
Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum | Denver, Colorado

November 6–9
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference | Denver, Colorado

November 7
*RDA in 10 Easy Steps | ALCTS Webinar

November 7–10
Charleston Conference | Charleston, South Carolina

November 7–10
New York Library Association Annual Conference and Trade Show | Saratoga Springs, New York

November 7–10

Text Encoding Initiative Conference | College Station, Texas

November 8–10
Arizona Library Association Annual Conference | Phoenix, Arizona

November 11–15
International Semantic Web Conference | Boston, Massachusetts

November 12–14
Indiana Library Federation Annual Conference | Indianapolis, Indiana

November 12–December 7
*Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Acquisitions | ALCTS Web Course

November 12–December 7
*Fundamentals of Acquisitions | ALCTS Web Course

November 14
*The Role of Long-Term Storage in Digital Curation | ALCTS Webinar

November 19–December 14
*Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management | ALCTS Web Course

November 28
*Holdings Comparisons: Why Are They So Complicated? | ALCTS Webinar

November 30–December 1
Hawaii Library Association Annual Conference | Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

January 2013

January 25–29
ALA Midwinter Meeting | Seattle, Washington

February 2013

February 5–7
Document Recognition and Retrieval International Conference | San Francisco, California

February 8
Online Northwest | Corvallis, Oregon

February 12–15
iConference | Fort Worth, Texas

March 2013

March 17–20
Electronic Resources & Libraries | Austin, Texas