AS Committee and Interest Group Reports

Committee Reports from Annual Conference 2012, Anaheim, CA

Acquisitions Organization and Management Committee

  • Committee review by the Policy and Planning Committee is in progress.
  • Webinar, “The Black, White, and Gray Areas of Licensing: a Review and Update for Librarians and Publishers,” proposed by the committee took place on February 29, 2012.
  • A program is planned for Annual in Chicago, 2013: “Staff Retooling: Adapting to Change in Technical Services.” Committee will seek cosponsorship of the program by LLAMA and ACRL.

Executive Committee

All major Board agenda topics were discussed during the Acquisitions Section Executive Committee meeting including: ALCTS Conference Meeting Schedule 2013, new Strategic Plan, tracking progress, AS review of the current committee and interest group structure, review the revised LSSC Competencies, and address nominating a candidate for the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Acquisitions and Collection Development Section. (AS’ turn to nominate.)

Most of the program planning and implementation and the publishing activities of the Acquisitions Section support the ALCTS Strategic Plan III. Sustaining ALCTS as a vibrant, relevant organization. E. Promote collaboration among ALCTS sections, ALA divisions, and outside organizations to foster programming and continuing education, particularly in areas of emerging interest or relevance to multiple groups.

  • Organization and Management sponsored a webinar on February 29, 2012, on licensing, “Taming the Licensing Tiger.”
  • Publications: Authors Wyoma vanDuinkerken and Jeanne Harrel plan to submit the manuscript, Guide to Ethics in Acquisitions Librarianship, for committee review in August 2012. The Guide to Online Academic Approval Plans manuscript was approved by ALCTS, but the authors (Amy McColl, Mike Persick, and Eric Pumroy) subsequently decided not to make requested revisions and withdrew the manuscript. The Committee is in the process of determining whether to pursue this as a topic for a guide and find other authors to write it. The Guide to Implementing and Managing Patron-Driven Acquisitions, by Suzanne Ward, is in production and should be available in late summer/early fall 2012. The committee is discussing ideas for commissioning additional acquisitions guides, which include a guide to acquisitions during organizational change, a guide to managing patron driven acquisitions of e-books, and a guide to acquisitions’ role in institutional repositories.
  • Policy and Planning: The committee is on track with scheduled reviews of AS committees. They completed review of two AS committees (Research & Statistics and Technology) and recommended their approval for ongoing status to AS Executive Committee. They initiated the review of the Acquisitions Organization and Management Committee, with a recommendation due to AS Executive Committee in fall 2012. Policy and Planning activities support ALCTS Strategic Plan - II. Improving how we operate.
  • The Research and Statistics Committee developed and hosted an ALCTS e-forum titled, “Looking Ahead: Research Topics in Acquisitions & Collection Development” as a prelude to their program at Annual, “Write for it! Jump Start your Research Agenda and Join the Conversation.”
  • Technology Committee presented a program, “Transforming Technical Services: Growing IT Skill Sets Within Technical Services Departments.”
  • Three programs are being planned for Annual 2013.

Policy and Planning Committee

  • Answered questions from Acquisitions Organization and Management Committee about their review, the review process, and next steps
  • Introductions
  • Review Agenda
  • Review of activities since Midwinter
  • Review of completed questionnaire:
    • Acquisitions Organization and Management Committee. As incoming chair, Marcia will follow up with list of questions and issues to continue discussion via ALA Connect and e-mail
  • Calendar Review (upcoming tasks): Reviewed and updated to reflect receipt and initial review of questionnaire. Posted to ALA Connect
  • AS Executive Committee visited to discuss new conference schedule and program planning for Interest Groups. Incoming AS Chair (Jim) will expect Policy and Planning Committee to support review of the Section organization and structure

Publications Committee

Publication Updates: Authors Wyoma van Duinkerken and Jeanne Harrel plan to submit the manuscript, Guide to Ethics in Acquisitions Librarianship, for committee review in August 2012. Amy and Vicki agreed to be the shepherds for the manuscript. The final proof for the Guide to Implementing and Managing Patron-Driven Acquisitions is with the author. The guide should be available in late summer/early fall 2012.

Liaison Updates: Dracine agreed to be the committee’s liaison with ALCTS Publication Committee. Rita agreed to be the liaison to ALCTS Newsletter Online.

The committee brainstormed ideas for new guides and other types of publications. Ideas included re-focusing a guide that has been withdrawn about online academic approval plans to online e-book approval plans; a guide to transforming technical services in the interest of breaking down silos; and a guide to budgeting basics, including allocations/expenditures/encumbrances/restricted funds, etc. The committee will look at the content of proposed publications and determine the best vehicle/channel to disseminate the information, which may be a guide, white paper or article in LRTS. A white paper on e-textbooks was one idea suggested. The committee will wait to see what the ALCTS Executive Committee decides regarding a report on the current publication system before determining how to proceed with suggested publication ideas.

The incoming chair of the committee will set up a GoToMeeting for the committee in late summer to continue discussions and decide its course for the coming year.

Research and Statistics Committee

The Committee on Research and Statistics had a very active year. In August 2011, we developed and hosted an ALCTS e-forum titled, “Looking Ahead: Research Topics in Acquisitions & Collection Development” in order to further develop the format for our annual meeting program. The e-forum was successful and there were many thoughtful and interesting observations shared. The committee then worked to refine our topic for the annual meeting program and began the process of speaker selection. After vetting the best approach for creating a preferred list of desirable speakers, we wrote an invitation that outlined our program format and incorporated the e-forum results as a major focal point for the presentations. The basic idea of the program was that one acquisitions/collection development librarian who has experienced ongoing success with being published and one acquisitions/collection development journal editor would address the e-forum comments as well as share their individual perspectives on the problem of research in the field. In addition, the speakers would identify and discuss notable gaps in research from their specialized viewpoints and provide insights or advice to those who wish to publish. The committee was ecstatic that Lisa German (Penn State) agreed to speak as our librarian and Faye Chadwell (Collection Management) agreed to speak as our journal editor.

Having the speakers settled early permitted us to add finalizing the program description and all details for evaluations, handouts, and other logistical matters to our Midwinter meeting agenda. The program, “Write for it! Jump Start your Research Agenda and Join the Conversation,” was firmly added to the schedule. Also at the Midwinter meeting, we itemized additional details that would need attention prior to the annual meeting and distributed the work (with deadlines applied). We also brainstormed some very good ideas for the 2013 Annual meeting program. After discussing the ideas more online, a tentative program proposal was submitted prior to the annual meeting.

At the 2012 Annual meeting, the Write for It! program was a distinct success. The speakers provided timely and relevant insights, and their conversational approach with the presentation was very well received. The committee received many good comments from attendees and felt very lucky to have two such distinguished and knowledgeable librarians on the panel. At the meeting in the early afternoon, the committee continued to refine ideas for the 2013 program. Jill Emery, the incoming chair, reviewed them with the Program Committee and set the course for a successful year.

Technology Committee

This year the AS Technology Committee has five members: Janet Hulm, Derrick Hiatt (virtual member), Rachel Kirk, Stacey Marien, with Lai-Ying Hsiung as chair. We used e-mails, phone calls, and conference calls to brain-storm the contents for the two-hour program on “Transforming Technical Services: Growing IT Skill Sets Within Technical Services Departments” held on Saturday, June 23, 2012, at Anaheim. We have submitted to ALCTS our program handout including brief bios and presentation outlines. Our evaluation form has been set up using SurveyMonkey, and all presentation files will be available on ALA Connect right after ALA.

There were five speakers. Boaz Nadav-Manes talked about the various transformational IT skill sets used at the big Technical Services (TS) department at Cornell. He shared some guiding principles that they used in this area. Paul Gallagher described how Wayne State went about growing IT skills at their merged IT and TS department and some tips for success. Gary Strawn gave us insight from his own journey in growing IT skills at Northwestern. Tasha Bales explained how University of California, Santa Cruz, selected and grew IT skills within TS which had an extensive cross-training background. Lai-Ying gave a review on the advantages of growing IT skills within TS departments and the strategies for success. The five presentations were followed by a panel discussion on the topic, moderated by Rachel Kirk.

More than 200 attendees came to the session. Some of them came up after the session to express their interest in the topic and said that they had enjoyed the program. We had collected a few evaluation forms and hoped that the online evaluation survey would yield more concrete data for evaluation. We had our committee meeting right after the session. Everyone present felt that the program had been a success. The Program Chair had been asked to write an article about the program. During the meeting, the committee decided to prepare a program on project management of Technical Services projects for ALA 2013 Annual. Both Rachel and Robin will present the program idea to the ALCTS Program Committee on Monday, June 25, afternoon. Next year’s committee members will be Boaz, Tasha, Robin, Stacey, Rachel, Derrick (Virtual) with Janet as chair.