ALCTS Annual Reports

Acquisitions Section (AS)

Stephen Bosch, 2011–2012 Chair

The Awards and Nominations Committees selected Lisa German, Associate Dean for Collections, Information and Access Services at Pennsylvania State University Libraries, to receive the inaugural Harrassowitz Leadership in Acquisitions Award at the 2012 Annual Conference.

The Organization and Management Committee submitted a program proposal for Annual next year in Chicago. The Committee also sponsored a webinar on February 29, 2012 on licensing, “Taming the Licensing Tiger.” This was based on a preconference held at ALA Annual last year. The webinar presenters developed a conversation around library licensing issues and answered questions submitted in advance by attendees. Using an interactive approach employing chat, audience polling and pre-submitted questions, the presenters covered hot topics and current challenges facing libraries in licensing digital content. The presenters represented the viewpoints of a publisher (Robert Boissy), an academic library (Becky Albitz) and a consortium (Tracy Thompson-Przylucki).

The Policy and Planning Committee is on track with scheduled reviews of AS committees. They completed review of two AS committees (Research & Statistics and Technology) and recommended their approval for ongoing status to AS Executive Committee. They initiated the review of the Acquisitions Organization & Management Committee, with a recommendation due to AS Executive Committee in fall 2012. They reviewed and updated the committee calendar, including tasks cycle, and revised the questionnaire used for AS Committee reviews. They instituted communication with the newly-elected AS Chair as part of the revised tasks cycle. The AS Executive Committee discussed the need for a section-wide review to examine the current committee and interest group structure in light of changing work associated with “transforming libraries” initiatives. It was agreed that this review was best conducted by the Policy and Planning Committee and they would review the current state of things and report back to AS Executive Committee at Midwinter 2013.

The Publications Committee has been active. Authors Wyoma van Duinkerken and Jeanne Harrel plan to submit the manuscript, Guide to Ethics in Acquisitions Librarianship, for committee review in August 2012. The Guide to Patron-Driven Acquisitions (Suzanne Ward) is in production and should be available in late summer/early fall 2012. The committee is discussing ideas for commissioning additional acquisitions guides, which include a guide to acquisitions during organizational change, a guide to managing patron driven acquisitions of e-books, and a guide to acquisitions’ role in institutional repositories.

The Research & Statistics Committee had a very active year. In August 2011, they developed and hosted the ALCTS e-forum “Looking Ahead: Research Topics in Acquisitions & Collection Development” in order to further develop the idea and format for our annual meeting program on the same topic. The e-forum was successful and there were many thoughtful and interesting observations shared. The committee then refined the topic for the annual meeting program and began the process of speaker selection. The basic idea of the program was that one acquisitions/collection development librarian who has experienced ongoing success with being published, and one acquisitions/collection development journal editor would address the e-forum comments, as well as share their individual perspectives on the problem of research in the field. In addition, the speakers would identify and discuss notable gaps in research from their specialized viewpoints and provide insights or advice to those who wish to publish. The committee was ecstatic that Lisa German (Penn State) agreed to present as our librarian and Faye Chadwell (Collection Management) agreed to speak from the journal editor’s point of view. All comments from the program were extremely positive (read the [program report]). The committee also submitted a program proposal for Annual Conference next year.

This year the AS Technology Committee used e-mails, phone calls and conference calls to brain-storm the contents for the two-hour program on “Transforming Technical Services: Growing IT Skill Sets Within Technical Services Departments,” held on Saturday, June 23, 2012 in Anaheim. More than two hundred people attended the program and feedback was very positive. There were five speakers. Boaz Nadav-Manes talked about the various transformational IT Skill Sets used at the big TS department at Cornell. He shared some guiding principles that they use in this area. Paul Gallagher described how Wayne State goes about growing IT skills at their merged IT and TS department and gave some tips for success. Gary Strawn gave insight from his own journey in growing IT skills at Northwestern and how he addressed the “lost in translation” problem often encountered by technical services staff in getting help from IT staff. Tasha Keagan explained how University of California, Santa Cruz, selects and grows IT skills within Technical Services which has an extensive cross-training background. Lai-Ying Hsiung gave an overview on the advantages of growing IT skills within TS departments and the strategies for success. The presentations were followed by short panel discussion on the topic, moderated by Rachel Kirk. (See the [program report] for full details). The committee was going to attempt to turn contents of the program into a published paper, and they were encouraged to contact Mary Beth Weber, editor of LRTS, to see if this would be of interest to that publication. The committee also submitted a program proposal for ALA Annual in Chicago.

The AS Executive Committee was asked to review the revised Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Competencies and report back, if needed, by July 20 to Carolynne Myall and Charles Wilt on whether these are appropriate, or not, and whether there were any changes required. AS Exec Committee reviewed the document and there is a set of recommendations that will be forwarded ALCTS. Steve Bosch will be sending those on to Carolynne and Charles.

IFLA is seeking candidates for the Acquisitions and Collection Development Section for 2013–17 and it is the AS Section’s turn to nominate. A process was outlined and agreed to in order to develop a nomination by next spring. By the end of the conference there were at least two individuals that expressed interest in nomination.

Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS)

Equipping Libraries for a Changing Environment

Mary Mastraccio, 2011–2012 Chair

The rapidly changing environment for libraries has consumed everyone’s attention this year. Economic, political, and technological conditions have all demanded that libraries re-evaluate how they catalog and manage metadata in order to continue to meet users’ needs in an uncertain environment. Borrowing from a popular quote, “it takes a village to raise a child,” we recognize that, “it takes a community to maintain a library.” Decisions cannot be made in isolation, and no one library can manage the changes on their own.

Of primary focus the past twelve months for the ALCTS Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS) has been the question: how should ALCTS-CaMMS influence and facilitate metadata management changes and equip libraries to implement those critical changes? Various section groups volunteered considerable time to monitor and develop educational materials, webinars, programs, and forums. All groups within CaMMS were encouraged to look at current activities with a view to identifying topics and individuals to develop articles and webinars. Often topics which are prepared for ALA interest groups, forums or programs are ideal for repurposing as journal articles for Library Resources & Technical Services (LRTS), ALCTS webinars, or ANO articles. Ongoing efforts are being made to identify and compile online resources for libraries preparing for significant technological changes. Of primary importance are the ALCTS, Library of Congress, and Joint Steering Committees resources available online.

ALCTS web pages

Publications & Resources (

Online Learning (

Webinar Archives (

Library of Congress web pages

Resource Description and Access (RDA) (

RDA Questions (

Catalogers Learning Workshop (

Related links

Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA Web pages

RDA: Resource Description and Access (

Collection Management Section (CMS)

Harriet Lightman, 2011–2012 Chair

Throughout the year, the Collection Management Section (CMS) focused on solidifying the section reorganization, stewarding three new interest groups (IGs), and continuing the work of the Education, Planning, and Publications committees. Highlights included the close and successful work of the section’s Planning Committee and Transition Advisory Committee (TAC) to ease the transition of three standing committees to interest groups. Thanks to the stewardship of Planning Chair Dennis Lambert and TAC chair Joshua Barton, the transition has gone smoothly. An FAQ for interest groups is nearing completion.

CMS had a strong presence at conferences. At Midwinter, the new IGs held meetings, began the process of identifying core constituencies, and planned for leadership succession. At Annual, in addition to the Emerging Research Forum, presentations were hosted by the Assessment Interest Group, led by Reeta Sinha; the Administration of Collection Management Interest Group, organized by Cindy Shirkey and led by Peggy Murphy; and the Collection Management for the Practitioner Interest Group, led by Jo Crawford. (Reports are available [here]).

The Nominating Committee, chaired by John Vickery, completed its work, as did the Coutts Award Jury, under Cheryl Highsmith. This year’s Coutts award went to Lenore England, University of Maryland. At Annual Conference, we welcomed the 2012–13 board officers Cory Tucker as chair, Ellen Safley as chair-elect, and Steven Harris and Cindy Schofield as new members-at-large. New committee chairs are Michael Levine-Clark, Publications; Robin Champieux, Education; and Christine Dulaney, Planning.

The Education Committee, chaired by Karen Lawson, worked closely with RUSA CODES to develop a program for ALA Annual 2013, provisionally titled “Constraints on Collection Development for Public, School, and Academic Libraries.” The program proposal was presented to the RUSA program committee at Annual. This initiative moves the section leadership closer to achieving a long-standing goal of working more closely with RUSA CODES. Throughout the year, the committee brainstormed ideas for webinars, and these will be forwarded to the ALCTS Continuing Education Committee.

The Publications Committee, chaired by Stephen Dew, continued its impressive work with the Sudden Selector series, which is edited by Helene Williams. Numerous manuscripts are in various stages of completion. Collection=Connection, the CMS blog managed by Steven Harris, continued its presence with a wide and interesting range of topics. The committee organized the [Emerging Research Forum] at Annual 2012, at which two papers were presented: “Modeling the Cost of Abandoning the Big Deal: A Case Study from the UK”, by David Beales, California State Polytechnic University; and “Comparison of Citation Use Patterns to Link Resolver and Vendor Statistics in Journals in the Health Sciences Fields,” by Kristin E. Martin, Sandra L. De Groote, and Deborah D. Blecic, University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Planning Committee worked closely with the TAC and the CMS Executive Committee to ease the transition to the new section structure. Committee members monitored some of the long-standing interest groups, and identified areas that needed adjustment or required further discussion. This committee will have an enhanced role in the new organizational structure as they assume responsibility, from the TAC, for the new IGs, monitor the “old” IGs, and work with section leaders to solidify the reorganization.

The TAC provided guidance to the newly formed IGs. Originally conceived as a one-year committee, the TAC’s tenure has been extended through Annual 2013.

The Executive Committee had a very active year. In addition to continuing to move the section reorganization forward, and handling routine business, a new structure for the Executive Committee’s review of Sudden Selector manuscripts was put in place, with the objective of speeding up the turn-around time between receipt of manuscripts and the submission of the recommendations. After a successful pilot with one manuscript, the Executive Committee agreed to adopt this approach to the review of subsequent manuscripts. Other items of note included the piloting of virtual executive committee meetings, and close work with Planning, the TAC, and ALCTS IG Coordinator Dale Swensen on the FAQ for IGs.

Due to the section reorganization, the number of CMS Interest Groups has grown to seven:

  • Administration of Collection Development
  • Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner
  • Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries
  • Collection Evaluation and Assessment
  • Collection Management & Electronic resources
  • Collection Management and Development in Public Libraries
  • Collection Development Librarians of Academic Librarians

All IGs met at Midwinter and Annual. Presentations at Midwinter and Annual included:

Collection Management & Electronic Resources. Under the stewardship of Raik Zaghloul, this IG organized the CMS Forum at Midwinter, which featured the presentation “Alternative to the Big Deal: Implementing Pay per View Collection Management.”

Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner. “Selection Manager at Kent State University Libraries,” presented at Annual by Kay Downey and Rick Wiggins, Kent State.

Administration of Collection Development: “What You Wished You Had Learned in Library School,” presented at Annual. Moderated by Peggy Murphy, Los Angeles Public Library, with presentations by Geoffrey Little, Concordia University, Montreal; Shelley Ekeroth, Los Angeles Public Library; Douglas Black, Northern Michigan University; Charlene Rue, Brooklyn Public Library.

Collection Evaluation & Assessment Interest Group featured four presentations at Annual:

“Evaluating Big Deals,” Beth Bernhardt, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

“Using User Data Analysis to Inform Decision Making,” John Lenahan, JSTOR

“An Analysis of EBook Equivalent Coverage at The College of New Jersey Library,” Forrest Link, The College of New Jersey”

“How to Win Friends and Relocate Materials: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Collection Moves,” Heath Martin, University of Kentucky Libraries

Collection Management and Development in Public Libraries held a round table discussion at Annual, moderated by co-chairs Peggy Murphy (ALCTS/CMS) and Charlene Rue (RUSA). Also at Annual, moderated discussions were also held by Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries (chaired by Jim Galbraith, co-chair Cara List) and Collection Management & Electronic Resources (led by Steven Sowell).

Continuing Resource Section (CRS)

Meg Mering, 20112012 Chair

Highlights of the Continuing Resources Section’s activities for this year include:

The CRS Nominating Committee did a fine job of filling the election slate. Rebecca Kemp (Chair-Elect, 2012/13), Melissa Beck (Member-at-Large) and Gracemary Smulewitz (Secretary) are the new officers.

Valerie Bross, Head of the Continuing Resources Cataloging Section at the UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center, was selected for this year’s Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award.

Beth Larkee Kumar of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs was selected for this year’s First Step Award.

Criteria for the First Step Award were revised. Up to this year, applicants could not previously have attended an ALA conference. The CRS Executive Committee approved this change. Wiley, the award’s sponsor, was notified of this change.

CRS Exec and Chairs had a conference call in mid-March to update one another between conferences.

In October 2011, two members of the Acquisition Committee hosted an ALCTS e-forum, “The Future of the Big Deal.” The Committee’s program, “Ending the Big Deal: Truth and Consequences” was held at Annual Conference.

The College & Research Libraries Interest Group meeting at Annual Conference consisted of a program of three short presentations addressing the topic of the “The Evolving Challenges of e-Resource Preservation.” The interest group also sponsored a session at the Midwinter Meeting titled “Discontinuing Big Deal Publisher Packages: Perspectives and Processes.”

For the first time, the Continuing Resource Cataloging Committee provided a live stream for its popular Update Forum held at Annual. During the past year, the committee provided feedback on several proposals concerning RDA via CRS’ representative to CC:DA, Adolfo Tarango.

At the ALCTS Membership Committee’s ALCTS 101 event, the CRS representatives noted that some attendees were not familiar with the term “continuing resources.” The Education, Research and Publications Coordinating Committee will work on creating a definition of continuing resources that could be added to the CMS web site. They will gather input from other committees in the section.

The Education, Research & Publications Coordinating Committee is engaged in the revision of two syllabi, the Syllabus for Serials Cataloging and the Syllabus for Serials Collection Management & Acquisitions. The Guide to Managing Microforms was submitted to the committee and passed on to the ALCTS Publications Committee for parsing into publishable chapters.

The Holdings Information Committee and the Standards Committee joined forces at Midwinter to sponsor the forum “Discovering and Cataloging Repositories and Unique Collections: An Update on Standards, Preservation, and Usage.”

The Standards Committee’s Update Forum at the annual conference featured three speakers. Regina Romano Reynolds, Director of the US ISSN Center at the Library of Congress, spoke about ISSN, FRBR and RDA. Todd Carpenter of NISO reported on ResourceSync and John Hostage from Harvard Law School Library reported on IFLA standards.

At Annual Conference, the Holdings Information Committee sponsored the forum “Quality Standards in Batch Records and Adventures in Cooperative Cataloging: Many Hands Make Light Work.” Jon Rothman spoke about HathiTrust records, and Les Hawkins updated attendees on the ongoing creation of records for DOAJ titles. Ted Fons, who was scheduled to attend and speak about OCLC initiatives, was unable to attend due to a work conflict, but he did submit a presentation.

The Policy and Planning Committee worked with all CRS Committee to review their charges. Additionally, the committee has been working on reviewing the ALCTS Strategic Plan to brainstorm activities that CRS could undertake to reach the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Preservation & Reformatting Section (PARS)

Ann Marie Willer, 2011–2012 Chair

The Preservation & Reformatting Section (PARS) continues to experiment with hybrid meetings. The PARS program “Brittle Book Strategies for the 21st Century” used GoToWebinar online meeting software to connect a speaker (audio plus PowerPoint slides) from a geographically separate location, and we once again used Google+ to include absent members in our All-Committee meeting. The Brittle Books program was followed by an ALCTS e-forum on the same topic in July.

PARS sponsored an Emerging Leaders team that recommended ways that PARS can involve its members, keep its committees productive, and advance its overall mission while accommodating members’ changing conference attendance patterns. The PARS Executive Committee generated action items from the report’s recommendations, several of which relate to virtual participation.

A welcome opportunity for collaboration emerged this year: three PARS interest groups reached out to ACRL’s new Digital Curation Interest Group. The four groups coordinated their IG topics for the 2012 Annual Conference and cross-publicized each other’s events. The third annual Preservation Week was a success and included author Steve Berry as its first national spokesperson. The Preservation Week Working Group is already gearing up for Preservation Week 2013 (April 21–27).

The PARS Executive Committee reviewed and discussed the report from the PARS Minimum Digitization Capture Task Force. The report will be posted online for comment during fall 2012 and then finalized. The committee also received preliminary results of a survey gauging interest in collecting preservation statistics, now that the ARL Preservation Statistics have been discontinued. An effort will be made to gather input from a broader constituency before appointing a task force to take next steps.