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Wanted: A New Chairperson

The CMS Collection Evaluation & Assessment Interest Group is looking for a new chair. If you're interested or know someone who is, please contact Reeta Sinha,

Recent Releases

PREMIS v.2.2 now available

The PREMIS Editorial Committee is pleased to announce the release of PREMIS version 2.2. Changes in this version are a result of requests to amplify rights information and includes the following changes:

Rights entity

Changes to Data Dictionary and schema:

  1. Addition of copyrightDocumentationIdentifier, licenseDocumentationIdentifier and statuteDocumentationIdentifier (with type, value and role) to allow for linking to documentation supporting rights information for copyright, license or statute. Note that licenseIdentifier was in version 2.1 with the same purpose; it remains in this version to be backwards compatible, but use of licenseDocumentionIdentifier is preferred. The documentation identifiers all have a role to specify the purpose of the documentation and to distinguish it in cases where there are more than one.
  2. Addition of otherRightsInformation to allow for rights statements that have a different basis than copyright, license or statute, e.g. institutional policy. It has the following subunits: otherRightsDocumentationIdentifier, otherRIghtsBasis, otherRightsApplicableDates and otherRightsNote
  3. Addition of applicable dates to copyrightInformation, licenseInformation and statuteInformation
  4. Addition of termOfRestriction to allow expressing restrictions, e.g. embargos. The previous version only had termOfGrant.

Schema only changes include:

  • Country code definition added to recommend use of a standard country code for copyrightJurisdiction and statuteJurisdiction
  • Addition of the pattern "OPEN" to be used for dates in the list of patterns allowed by EDTF (Extended Date Time Format)

The new schema is at: Changes in the data dictionary are documented at: These changes will be incorporated into the PREMIS Data Dictionary shortly.

IFLA Releases Digital Lending Background Paper

The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) recently released a background paper on digital lending as part of its work on the 2011–2012 Key Initiatives. Approved by the IFLA Governing Board in April 2012, the paper is now available for download.

The paper attempts to:

  • Provide an overview of the issues relating to eBooks in libraries;
  • Summarize the current positions of publishers in both the scholarly publishing and trade publishing sectors;
  • Summarize the differences in the way that academic/research libraries and public libraries address the issue of digital collections;
  • Address the legal context for eLending and library principles that must be upheld in any suitable models;
  • Provide a detailed legal analysis of e-Lending

The e-Lending environment is changing rapidly at this point in time, and the paper will be reassessed in the coming months in light of any significant developments. Revisions of the paper may take place in light of any assessment. Download the paper.

Digital Curation and Preservation Survey Results Available

Last year, the EU project Digital Curation Vocational Education Europe (DigCurV) conducted a survey on the training needs in digital curation and preservation.

We are pleased to announce that the survey report is now available on the DigCurV web site.

This report describes the survey on training needs in digital preservation and curation carried out in the context of the DigCurV project. It analyses the main findings of the survey and provides a summary of the results from a series of focus group meetings held in the partner countries and also an analysis of job advertisements which have appeared since January 2011 when the project began.