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Alice Platt, ANO Editor

Alice Platt, ANO Editor

Recently a co-worker distributed a blog post from Will Manley, which opened with a question I'm sure many of us must grapple with:

"It’s that time of year when you have to decide if you’re going to shell out a thousand bucks to go to ALA annual. Here is the conventional wisdom: Are the programs worth it? No. Are the committee meetings worth it? Heck no. Are the social events, vendor feeds, and cocktail parties worth it? Now you’re talking."

This made me chuckle, but hey! Wait a minute! Some of the programs and committee meetings really are worth it. ALCTS' committees and interest groups regularly serve up some very heady offerings that actually make me want to continue talking about them after I get home—shoot, I'm still sharing some of the short films from last year's Preservation Film Festival, an ALCTS PARS event.

This year, ALCTS Newsletter Online is no longer featuring a traditional Conference Preview section. This decision was made in light of the continued improvements to the ALA Conference Scheduler, where useful filters allow you to view open ALCTS events only for a specific date, time, location, area of interest... you name it. The old-fashioned list of events seems superfluous and clunky by comparison.

Instead, I hope you'll enjoy reading the conference preview article instead, where we feature a selection of the offerings that will be on hand this year. If you're new to the Conference Scheduler, or if you tried it several years ago and hated it, I hope you'll try it again this year. It's actually pretty great.

See you in Anaheim!

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