Board Actions

The ALCTS Board of Directors has been active since the Midwinter Meeting in Dallas. Through virtual participation, the following action items were approved (through May 24, 2012). These actions will become official at the Annual meeting in Anaheim this month, when they are re-confirmed as part of the agenda.

  • Approved the new Library Code Year Interest Group on the condition that by March 15, 2012 Organization and Bylaws is able to confirm acceptance by the IG of an amended request/description.
  • Established a task group to look at the role of ALCTS in standard development.
  • Thanked the Task Force to Convene a Meeting with Library Educators for their good work, congratulated them on their successful meeting at Midwinter 2012, accepted their final report as submitted March 20, 2012, and officially discharged the Task Force.
  • Approved the draft ALCTS Endowment Policy and refer it to the Budget and Finance Committee.
  • Approved changes to the criteria for the Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Approved a revision to the Board Committee Liaison Assignments.
  • Accepted and approved the nomination of Mary Beth Weber as editor for Library Resources & Technical Services beginning  May 7, 2012 to serve a term of four years ending Dec. 31, 2016 with a provision for a second four-year term upon approval of the ALCTS Board.