Annual 2012 Preview

by Alice Platt

What will everyone be talking about at this year’s Annual Conference? RDA continues to loom. E-books continue to present growing challenges, from procurement to payment. Digital projects and preservation continue to be an area of growth.

Amidst these challenges, a spirit of collaboration is evident. Two of the three e-book sessions are collaborations between ALCTS and another section of ALA. Three interest groups in ALCTS-PARS and the ACRL Digital Curation Interest Group collaborated to ensure that anyone interested in digital preservation could actually attend all four programs. These coordinated efforts reflect the collaborative spirit of librarianship, and the awareness that many of these topics affect not just technical services, but other areas of the library as well.

Following is a selection (read: some—not all!) of programs that address RDA and e-books, as well as the schedule of digital preservation programs from ACRL and ALCTS-PARS. Of course, there are a lot of other topics and events taking place in Anaheim. A complete list of ALCTS programs is available in the ALA Conference Scheduler.


The E-book Elephant in the Room: Determining What’s Relevant and Effective for Your Patrons & Making Effective Decisions for Your Future E-collection

Sponsored by ALCTS and RUSA CODES (Collection Development and Evaluation Section)
Sat., June 23, 8–10am, Anaheim Convention Center 204C

Faced with growing e-collections, more interesting e-content from publishers and a struggle to balance our materials budgets, how do we make good decisions about e-collections content? How do we evaluate the success of e-books when many of these patrons never darken the doors of our library building? How do we gain the valuable patron feedback beyond download statistics? What support issues arise around use of the collections, are the vendor platforms reliable, and what e-formats are most in demand? Hear how representatives from both public and academic libraries are measuring the success and challenges of their e-book collections.

Integrating ‘e’ and ‘p’: Building a New Monograph Approval Infrastructure

Sponsored by ALCTS
Sat., June 23, 8–10am, Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom A

E-books are becoming a preferred format for many libraries; however, acquiring e-books on an approval plan can be challenging. This presentation will discuss how two university libraries have partnered with approval plan vendors to integrate ‘e’ (eBook) and ‘p’ (print book) acquisition into approval profiles. Presenters will describe the challenges of managing e-book selection and acquisition, discuss how libraries and approval vendors deal with evolving publishing patterns, and suggest strategies for acquiring e-books as a preferred format.

Future of the Book: Innovation in Traditional Industries: ALCTS / ACRL President's Program

Sponsored by ALCTS and ACRL
Mon., June 25, 10:30am–12pm, Anaheim Convention Center Ballroom B

Duane Bray, a partner at IDEO, a global innovation and design consulting firm, will discuss the challenges traditional industries often face when experiencing disruptive change. He will share concrete techniques for recognizing and harnessing opportunities for innovation.


A Change in Authority: Authority Work in the RDA Environment

Preconference . Advanced registration required.
Fri., June 22, 8–4pm

Not familiar with RDA authorities? Did you know that implementing RDA means creating authority records to support the FRBR/FRAD relationships? Let the name authority experts teach you to create authority records in the RDA environment. At this one-day preconference learn to assign MARC 21 data for name authorities: persons, families, corporate, conferences, places, including preferred titles for works and expressions, with focus on the new MARC 21 fields that can be used now with AACR2!

This preconference is intended for catalogers new to authority work (those who have never created name authority records, or who have only created authority records at the local level) and/or who work with authority control issues at the local level.

The registration fee is $219 for ALCTS members, $269 for ALA members and $319 for non-members.  Students can register for just $99.

RDA Update Forum

Sponsored by ALCTS CaMMS
Sat., June 23, 8–10am, Anaheim Convention Center, 304AB

Please join us for the Cataloging and Metadata Management Section RDA Conference Forums and Programs Task Force ALA Annual RDA Update Forum. Panelists will outline steps being taken in preparation for implementation of RDA sometime after January 2013. Scheduled presenters include: Beacher Wiggins (Library of Congress), Linda Barnhart (Chair PCC), Glenn Patton (OCLC), John Attig (JSC update), Sally McCallum (MARBI) and Troy Linker (ALA Publishing).

Transformation: Revenge of a “Fallen” Code. Morphing Our Current MARC Reality into a New RDA-enabled Future

Sponsored by ALCTS CaMMS
Sat., June 23, 1:30–3:30pm, Anaheim Convention Center, 213AB

The science fiction action film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen relates the trials and triumphs of a human man caught between two warring factions of alien robots. This panel highlights the ongoing adventures of library metadata specialists caught in a war between an outdated code of the past and the developing frameworks of the future. Come explore their trials and triumphs. Catch a glimpse of the action and what it might be like to live in a world powered by shards of many standards.

The AIR We Breathe. Borrowing Lessons from RDA Development to Train for Your Next Triathlon

Sponsored by ALCTS CaMMS
Sun., June 24, 8–10am, Anaheim Convention Center, 204C

RDA has been a keen topic of conversation for years. It’s been speculated about on lists, cooperated on internationally, collaboratively tested nationally, and conditionally accepted for implementation “not before January 2013.” It’s been the subject of numerous forums, trainings, discussion groups, preconferences, webinars, and just about any other mode of communication you can name. In short, it’s been an intensive development cycle for an important new standard. And that’s just as it should be. But now what? Now that the “rubber is hitting the road,” where do individual implementers begin? Can we build upon lessons learned by RDA’s early collaborators? Join us for an interactive conversation about agility, integration, and rigor. And how the collaborators learned to work in this new world.

RDA Worldwide: Panel Discussion

Sponsored by ALCTS International Relations Committee, the ALCTS CaMMS RDA Conference Forums and Programs Task Force, and the ALCTS CaMMS Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA)
Sun., June 24, 1:30–3:30pm, Anaheim Convention Center, 304B

Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new guidelines for library cataloging and metadata creation, is intended for use in an international context. RDA is also very much a work in progress. To what extent has RDA succeeded in going beyond AACR2's Anglo-American context? How is implementation now proceeding in different world regions, and what are the potential impacts on developments in the United States? This panel discussion will present multiple perspectives on these unfolding questions.

The panel will feature four speakers. Troy Linker, Publisher, ALA Digital Reference, will serve as responder. The panel will be moderated by David Miller, ALCTS IRC Chair.

Christine Frodl, Head of Cataloguing Standards, German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek), will give an overview of German cataloguing traditions, the pre-RDA situation in Germany and preparations for RDA. The German National Library plans to implement RDA in 2013, following the timelines of the Library of Congress and other national libraries represented on the Joint Steering Committee. Her talk will also focus on issues of the translation of RDA into German, and on activities of EURIG, the European RDA Interest Group.

Ageo García, Latin American Librarian, Tulane University, will speak on RDA and Latin America: Transitions, Preparations, and Perspectives. Many countries in Latin America have been using AACR2 and MARC21 to build their catalogs. The region is determined to prepare for and embrace the challenges presented by the conceptual, functional and technological changes of the digital environment. There is an array of preparations in the area to implement RDA, including the translation of RDA into Spanish.

Chris (Christine) Todd, Team Leader, Cataloguing Team 1, National Library of New Zealand, will describe the New Zealand cataloguing context, then discuss the National Library’s preparations for RDA to date, as well as the Library’s plans now that implementation decisions have been made. She will also identify some aspects of RDA that National Library cataloguers have raised concerns about.

Lee Kai, Cataloger, Capital Library of China, Beijing, and MLIS student, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University. This presentation will provide a basic understanding about the Chinese cataloging community in which RDA will be implemented, focusing on the two of the most influential library consortia in China, the National Library of China and China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS).The current development of RDA in China will be presented, especially in terms of research, staff training, and catalogers’ and system librarians’ responses to the new code.

How Will RDA Impact Your System? A Forum of Vendors Discussing Implementation Plans

Sponsored by ALCTS CaMMS
Sun., June 24, 4–6pm, Anaheim Convention Center, 204B

Now that Resource Description and Access (RDA) has been published and the three national libraries have announced their implementation decision, it is time to hear from the vendors that design our integrated library systems and utilities. What changes will they make to accommodate RDA? How will these changes impact library staff workflows and ultimately the library user's experience? Come and hear the vendors discuss their development plans and timelines for implementing required changes. Representatives from Innovative Interfaces, Inc., Sirsi-Dynix, Ex Libris, SkyRiver, TLC, Follett, and Capstone will present their plans and will entertain questions and comments about their proposed system changes.

Digital Preservation

Digital Curation Interest Group (ACRL)

Sat., June 23, 10:30am–12pm, HYATT-Grand Ballroom E

DataBib: An Online Bibliography of Research Data Repositories (Michael Witt, Research Librarian & Assistant Professor, Purdue University, D2C2)

Collaborative Approaches to Digital Curation (Jared Lyle, ICPSR, University of Michigan, Libbie Stephenson, Director, UCLA Social Science Data Archive, Ron Nakao, Data Specialist, Stanford Libraries)

Digital Conversion Interest Group (ALCTS - PARS)

Sat., June 23, 1:30–3:30pm, HYATT-Grand Ballroom E

Adventures in Digital Curation (Meg Meiman, Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Program, University of Delaware)

Starting Small: Practical First Steps in Digital Preservation (Helen K. Bailey, Preservation Specialist, Dartmouth College Library)

Intellectual Access to Preservation Metadata Interest Group (ALCTS - PARS)

Sat., June 23, 4–5:30pm, HYATT-Pacific Room

Editing and Embedding Audio-Visual Metadata with MetaEdit (Chris Lacinak, President, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions)

Discover the Technical Metadata in your Still Image Digital Files (Joan DaShiell, Product Manager for Digitization Services, Preservation Services Center, Backstage Library Works, Bethlehem, PA)

Digital Preservation Interest Group (ALCTS - PARS)

Sun., June 24, 8–10am, HYATT-Pacific Room

Collecting Born-Digital Materials from the Web: It’s a CINCH! (Lisa Gregory, Digital Projects Liaison, Digital Information Management Program, State Library of North Carolina)

The Web is a Mess: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Web Archiving (Lori Donovan, Partner Specialist, Internet Archive)