Midwinter AS Interest Group Report

These reports are summaries of ALCTS interest group activities up to and during the 2012 ALA Annual Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, Texas, held January 19–23, 2012.

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Acquisitions Section Interest Group Report

Acquisitions Managers & Vendors Interest Group

The Acquisitions Managers & Vendors Interest Group held a planning meeting to discuss suggestions for improvement of the interest group as a whole as well as brainstorm ideas for the annual meeting and develop a list of topics and tips for future co-chairs to draw on.

Attendees felt that it was necessary to have a more timely agenda made available in the program guide. Posting to electronic mailing lists, ALA Connect and the ANO newsletter was not sufficient. Co-chairs agreed to create a guide for promotion of the interest group for the next co-chairs reference and post on ALA Connect.

Attendees also felt that vendor participation in the interest group was low. Co-chairs also agreed to include vendor contacts for participation in the guide for promotion. They also felt that there should be more polling of vendors for topics. The group also discussed the need for attendees to promote the meeting to their vendor representatives.

Attendees felt that there was a lot of overlap in the topics presented among interest groups. Many of the same topics are being discussed in other groups. This interest group should consider working with other interest groups as co-sponsors.

Some ideas for future session topics include:

  • Leadership issues facing acquisitions managers and vendors
  • Consortial e-book purchasing and use of data to shape future collections
  • ILS vendor support for new acquisitions workflows
  • Acquisitions of non-traditional material
  • Purchasing through non-traditional vendors
  • Role of vendor services in technical services reorganization
  • Collaborative work between ILS and content providers
  • Core data standards for acquisitions and vendors
  • Questions to ask before implementing new workflow -- workshop format
  • If you had to start your acquisitions workflow from scratch where would you start?
  • How do you know if the demands you make on your vendors are reasonable?
  • Redefining relationship in technical services between acquisitions and cataloging
  • Activities that have been dropped in Acquisitions departments and resulting added work
  • Future trends for vendors in libraries

General thoughts about previous and future sessions were:

  • Print is still relevant and meetings should not just focus on electronic material
  • There has been a lack of discussion on serials acquisitions issues
  • Joint programming with other interest groups and more coordination among interest groups needed
  • There has been a general lack of systems vendors participating. We need to promote to them more
  • Format should continue to be a balance of presentation and discussion

A call for new co-chairs was made. The group historically has had one vendor and one librarian serve those positions.