From the Editor

Alice Platt, ANO Editor

Alice Platt, ANO Editor

Today's Challenge

It is a happy day when I have time to sit down and sort through my e-mail. My institution uses Gmail for our mail, so I have the option to mark e-mails that need future attention with a shiny yellow star. I imagine that many of you using Outlook have flagged several messages for the same reason. At the conclusion of my e-mail cleanse, I discover I still have way too many stars in my inbox! There is always too much to do, and never enough time or motivation to get it all done.

One of those starred, or flagged, items in your inbox is probably the ALA Election login e-mail. ALA members have until Friday, April 27, 2012 to submit their preferences for positions at the very top of ALA on down to various elected positions in each Section. It is often difficult to find the time to vote. Voting is easy; doing the research to vote responsibly is relatively easy, but time-consuming.

My challenge to you, right now, is to stop reading this column, visit the Election webpage with the link sent to you, and vote for one office. Voting for Council? This issue of ANO has unique biographical information for several of the ALCTS candidates. Voting for President? We asked the two candidates questions that directly pertain to ALCTS issues. You don’t have to fill out the entire ballot at one time. Take your time. Visit the page once or twice a week this month. Do this until your vote is complete. Do not wait! We have a great opportunity to guide the future of our association. The librarians I know are opinionated and outspoken in their views on what directions our profession should take. This is your chance to be heard.

When you've finished voting, I do hope you enjoy the rest of this issue.

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