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Erica Findley, digital resources/metadata librarian at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Ore., has been selected as the ALCTS-sponsored Emerging Leader for 2012. The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, ALCTS, sponsors one Emerging Leader who has chosen collections and technical services as a career and is a member of ALCTS. Read more.

Linda Phillips, a longtime ALCTS member, retired from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville on August 31 after a forty-one-year career in librarianship. Over the years, Linda was an active participant in ALCTS, working particularly on the CMDS section and the LRTS Editorial Board. "ALCTS colleagues were a dynamic support network and ALCTS programs/services of great value to my professional life," said Linda. She will keep up her UT web page at in the short term.

Longtime ALCTS member D. Whitney Coe passed away at Asbury Methodist Village, Gaithersburg, MD, on October 8, 2011. Whitney served as chair or a member of various committees in ALCTS, as well as serving on the Bibliography Section of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), where he was part of the working group developing guidelines for national bibliographies in electronic and other formats. He spent the 1993-1994 academic year in Korea evaluating the Seoul National University Library's English-language collections under a joint American Library Association-U.S. Government grant.

Whitney has endowed a graduate student scholarship at Syracuse University. Contributions may be made to the D. Whitney Coe Graduate Financial Assistance Fund, Office of Development, Syracuse University, 820 Comstock Ave, Syracuse, NY 13224; or to the Asbury Methodist Village Benevolent Care Fund, Asbury Foundation, 201 Russell Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, that provides assistance to residents who have outlived their resources.


ALA Annual Poster deadline is January 6. Share your best ideas and work with the national library community by presenting a poster session at the 2012 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. An application form and more information is available on the poster session web site, at

Council Candidates Announced—ALA recently announced the slate of candidates for ALA Council. On the list are sixteen ALCTS members: Sharon Castleberry, Cynthia Clark, Elizabeth Cox, George Fowler, Jim Kuhn, Olivia Madison, Jason Martin, Susan Matveyeva, Melanie McGurr, Mary Page, Nathan Putnam, Scott Reinke, K. R. Roberto, John Sandstrom, Michele Seikel, and Thomas Teper. Voting begins March 19, 2012. For more information, including information for individuals wishing to appear on the 2011 ballot as a petition candidate, visit Look for more information about these candidates in the March 2012 issue of ALCTS Newsletter Online.

ALCTS President Betsy Simpson spoke with National Public Radio (NPR) this past fall to help answer the question, "Do Libraries Really Destroy Books?" Read more about it on NPR's blog:

ALCTS Publishing Review Task Group Created—In the continuing discussion of “Re-Shaping ALCTS,” now in year two, ALCTS President Betsy Simpson appointed a task group, chaired by Mary Case, university librarian at the University of Illinois-Chicago and ALCTS Past-President, to take a broad look at current and future ALCTS publishing activities. This task group is charged with drafting a mission statement for the ALCTS publishing program; conducting an environmental scan to identify challenges and trends in publishing; assessing the relationship among all ALCTS publishing segments; determining new and currently under-represented areas of focus, and possible new opportunities for members to contribute; and identify infrastructure needs to advance ALCTS’ publishing program. A preliminary discussion will take place at Midwinter in Dallas.

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) published a new Recommended Practice, ESPReSSO: Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On (NISO RP-11-2011), that identifies practical solutions for improving the use of single sign-on authentication technologies to ensure a seamless experience for the user. More information about ESPReSSO is available from The ESPReSSO Recommended Practice is available for free download from the NISO web site at:

Digital Content Working Group Established—This fall, the ALA Council established a new Digital Content and Libraries Working Group. It is not only a needed step coming out of the EQUACC Task Force but also supports the “Transformation of Libraries “ priority in ALA’s 2015 Strategic Plan.

The ALA Digital Content and Libraries Working Group is co-chaired by ALCTS' own Bob Wolven of Columbia University. He will lead with Sari Feldman, Cuyahoga County Public Library, Parma, Ohio. Other ALCTS members on the working group are Bonnie Tijerina, Claremont Colleges Library, and Brian Schottlaender, University of California-San Diego.

The Working Group is charged to:

  • advise the Association regarding opportunities and issues related to libraries and digital content and the provision of equitable access to digital content for all.
  • explore, analyze and share information on various options for expanding access to digital content for libraries and the public and for overcoming legal, technological, policy and economic barriers to equitable access
  • suggest information and training that would be of use to librarians so that they can make informed choices, serve as advocates for digital access, and design and support digital services.
  • advise the Association on efforts to increase public awareness and understanding of issues related to access to digital content and the challenges to/role of libraries in providing equitable access to digital resources.
  • assist in the identification of strategies to influence decision makers—whether government officials, publishers, other information service providers, interest groups, and others—to effect changes that would assist libraries in better serving their communities.
  • address specific issues such as Business Models, Accessibility, Privacy, Education for the Library Community, Public Outreach and Publisher/Service Provider Relations through working subcommittees, bringing in other experts and advisors as appropriate.
  • serve as formal liaisons to various ALA and ALA affiliate groups (examples would include the divisions, round tables, ethnic affiliates, and ALA Accessibility Assembly).
  • as appropriate, reach out to other organizations and experts in other fields in order to better understand the broad technological, social and economic environments and trends and their potential impact on libraries.

A new blog in American Libraries, E-content, will complement and help communicate out the work of the ALA Working Group on Digital Content and Libraries. Find it at

Speaking of blogs... The Indiana University Bloomington Media Preservation Initiative announces the launch of a new blog at

The media preservation blog is designed for those who have read the Indiana reports—Meeting the Challenge of Media Preservation and the Media Preservation Survey—and want to follow their progress as strategies and solutions are developed. It may be of interest to universities and other organizations with archival audio, video, or film holdings.

LRTS Request for Grant Proposals

Library Resources & Technical Services (LRTS) announces the availability of grants of up to $1,000 (funded by an Association for Library Collections and Technical Services grant) to assist authors with preparing literature reviews. The purpose of the grants is to provide funds that will be used for clerical and research support, thereby allowing the author/s to concentrate on analyzing the resources and writing the literature review. Possible support tasks might be collecting citations, sorting and organizing citations by themes and categories, locating and gathering resources to be reviewed, verifying citations, funding purchases of articles not owned by the home institution of the author, and so forth. Funding also could provide a mentoring opportunity by funding assistance by a library school or information science student.

Highly cited, literature reviews provide an essential professional service to practitioners, scholars, and students by identifying the key themes and the most important publications appearing in successive two year periods. Books and articles by accredited scholars and researchers, i.e., primarily peer-reviewed publications provide the basis for a literature review.

A good literature review is evaluative, selective, and critical, and goes beyond summarizing and quoting from the selected sources. Literature reviews explain why the sources cited are important and valuable, may compare them to prior works, and create a structure that organizes the two-year body of content to make it comprehensible and to identify themes, not only for those who have followed the developments it describes, but to future researchers. All sources referenced appear in the endnotes; a separate bibliography is not published. Although commissioned, LRTS literature reviews go through the same double-blind peer review process as unsolicited manuscripts.

LRTS seeks authors for the following topical areas and coverage periods:

  • Collection Development and Management literature published 2011–2012
  • Cataloging/Classification/Metadata Management literature published 2011–2012
  • Preservation and Reformatting literature published 2011–2012

Papers should be submitted not later than June 30, 2013. Grant recipients will be required to submit progress reports to the LRTS Editor in June and December each year.

The grant proposal must include:

  1. Requester name, title, and contact information
  2. The literature to be reviewed (see list above)
  3. The requester’s credentials to write the literature review
  4. Amount requested
  5. Budget plan and rationale for how the funds will be expended

Proposals are due by January 31, 2012.

Applications and inquiries should be submitted to Peggy Johnson, LRTS Editor,