Letters from ALCTS

Alice Platt, ANO Editor

From the Editor

Alice Platt, ANO Editor

The Spirit of Collaboration

As I write this column, the back of my mind is buzzing with the undercurrent of “what did I forget”? Putting together my first issue of ANO has definitely been a challenge, but now that it’s nearly complete, I have a chance to reflect on all the content I have received and all the people I met at Annual Conference in New Orleans.

I am already overwhelmed and impressed by the volume of quality work done by our ALCTS members and volunteers. Developments in patron-driven acquisitions, digital preservation and description, RDA, e-resource management… these are just the top examples of major issues we wrestle with on a daily basis. I’m very impressed with all of you who not only tackle the day-to-day challenges, but plan programs to help others understand all these new developments. When I left private industry and began working in libraries, one of the first differences I noticed was the strong level of cooperation. Very few fields have so many professionals who dedicate so much time to helping each other learn and advance in the profession. This characteristic of librarianship is abundantly clear in the program, interest group, and committee reports in this issue.

Not everything gets covered at the Annual Conference, however. Many of us who never make it to the conference are busy on the ground, developing and experimenting with new systems and methodologies. It is my goal to help publicize these efforts as much as my new role allows. I invite you to help me in this endeavor by sharing stories of the challenges and initiatives in your own institution. Just submitting a story idea (you don’t even have to write it!) is a great way to contribute to ALCTS, as well as librarianship as a whole. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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