amy jackson

My ALCTS Experience: Amy Jackson

Amy S. Jackson, University of New Mexico

I originally joined ALA in 2004 while I was in library school so I could attend the Midwinter Meeting in Boston. I had no prior experience with ALA, and the conference completely overwhelmed me, even though I lived in Boston at the time. Based on conversations I’ve had with other ALA members, this experience is shared by many first-time conference attendees. I remained a member of ALA for a few years, even presenting at another Midwinter Meeting, but had a hard time identifying an ALA division that matched my interest areas of digital libraries (but not software development) and metadata (but not traditional cataloging). Eventually I let my membership lapse and attended smaller non-ALA conferences about these specific areas.

In 2009, I became a Digital Initiatives Librarian at the University of New Mexico, and I decided once again to join ALA, this time with a commitment to become more involved. I identified ALCTS as good fit for me, due to the size of the division and the active Metadata Interest Group. I attended the 2010 Midwinter Meeting (once again in Boston), and the interest group for the first session I attended, the ALCTS New Members Interest Group (ANMIG), was looking for a co-chair. Deciding that participation in this group would probably be the best way to learn about ALCTS, I raised my hand to volunteer. No one else volunteered, and suddenly I was co-chair of the group! I’ve continued in this role and am currently the chair. Working with the other leaders of the group has been a very rewarding experience, and together we try to help new ALCTS members learn about the organization and its structure, as well as how to become active within the division. More information about ANMIG is available on ALA Connect at http://connect.ala.org/node/85257.

One of the most rewarding experiences with ANMIG has been working with the ALCTS Membership Committee to organize ALCTS 101 at each Annual Conference. ALCTS 101 is a program designed to help new conference attendees understand ALCTS and its various activities, and we try to create a fun and engaging program. The program includes the ALCTS President and Chairs of the various section, and is a great networking opportunity for attendees. I have also benefitted from these networking opportunities, meeting many of the ALCTS leaders.

In 2010, hoping to become involved in more areas of ALCTS, I filled out the volunteer form and was appointed to the ALCTS Publications Committee as an intern. Through work on this committee I have become more familiar with the ALCTS publishing process, and became a full member of the committee this year. Because of my work with this committee, as well as my familiarity with institutional repositories through my current position, the ALCTS Board to ask me to create a survey assessing ALCTS members’ attitudes towards institutional repositories and interest in an ALCTS repository. With the help of the ALCTS Office, I created the survey, and summarized the results for the June 2011 edition of ANO. I have also recently published a book review in Library Resources & Technical Services, and have been appointed to the ALCTS Publications Task Force, charged with evaluating the ALCTS publishing process.

I’ve had very rewarding experiences with ALCTS, and particularly enjoy meeting and working with others with similar interests. I’ve also been lucky enough to serve in capacities that overlap with my professional and research interests. I strongly encourage everyone to become involved in ALCTS—there’s no telling where it will take you!   

ALCTS e-Forum: Research Topics in Acquisitions & Collection Development

By Rebecca Schroeder and Tammy Sugarman

On August 16 and 17, the ALCTS Acquisitions Section Research and Statistics committee hosted an e-forum titled “Looking Ahead: Research Topics in Acquisitions & Collection Development.” The e-forum was an opportunity for participants to discuss the difficulties in identifying and developing viable acquisitions and collection development research topics that lend themselves to meaningful exploration and articulation. The discussion began with participants identifying the following topics that they felt needed further research:

  • Bringing less tangible costs such as labor hours into discussions about using funds wisely
  • Effects of e-resources on staffing and expertise needs
  • Patron driven acquisitions and the effects on circulation
  • E-resource management systems: selection, implementation, impact
  • Statistics and usage data, vis-à-vis click-throughs and COUNTER
  • ILS selection and implementation
  • Ways to increase circulation
  • Relationship between weeding and increasing circulation
  • Coordinated consortial/regional weeding
  • Circulation as a benchmark of collection value
  • Ways of maintaining balanced collections
  • Outsourcing that results in increased workloads for those up the ladder
  • Format preservation issues

The discussion then turned to the barriers that prevent one from turning his or her ideas into a viable research topic, including understanding how the research process is initiated, a lack of research experience, lack of adequate subject knowledge, lack of confidence, and an inability to translate into research what is done on a daily basis. Additional barriers mentioned included insufficient resources (human and financial), difficulty obtaining data from propriety sources (e.g., vendors), uncertainly how to combine data to reach new conclusions and how to follow up on previous research or studies. It was suggested that some of these barriers might be overcome by collaborating with someone who possesses strong research skills.

During the discussion, it was noted that much of the acquisition/collection development literature is of a practical nature rather than research based; this led to a discussion about qualitative versus quantitative research.

Visit the e-forum page on the ALCTS web site (http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/alcts/confevents/upcoming/e-forum/index.cfm) for information about upcoming forums. Archives from past sessions are also available at http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/alcts/confevents/past/e-forum/index.cfm.   

ALCTS Awards Honor Outstanding Contributions

Each year ALCTS and its sections present awards to honor individuals who have made highly significant contributions in the areas of technical services, collection development, and preservation. The 2011 ALCTS awards were presented on June 26, 2011 at a special ceremony during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. In addition, ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre chose to recognize the exceptional achievement of two people who made very special contributions to ALCTS, with Presidential Citations.

2011 outstanding publication award photoALCTS Outstanding Publication Award

With the Outstanding Publication Award, ALCTS recognizes author of the year’s outstanding monograph, article, or original paper in the field of technical services. The 2011 ALCTS Outstanding Publication award was given to Karen Coyle for her work, “Understanding the Semantic Web: Bibliographic Data and Metadata,” which appeared in Library Technology Reports 46, no.1 (January 2010). Pictured: (left to right) Mary Ann Jones (Award Jury), ALCTS President- Elect Betsy Simpson, Karen Coyle (Award Recipient), ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre



Hugh Atkinson Memorial Award2011 hugh atkinson memorial award photo

Sponsored by four ALA divisions (ACRL, ALCTS, LLAMA, and LITA), the Hugh Atkinson Memorial Award is presented to an academic librarian who has contributed significantly to improvements in the areas of library automation, library management, and library development and research. The 2011 Hugh Atkinson Memorial Award was presented at the ALCTS Award Ceremony to Carol Mandel of New York University. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS Past-President Mary Case, Carol Mandel (Award Recipient), ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre




2011 leadership in library acquisitions award photoLeadership in Library Acquisitions Award

This award recognizes the contributions by and outstanding leadership of an individual to the field of acquisitions librarianship. The award, hereafter to be known as the Harrassowitz Award for Leadership in Library Acquisitions, was given to Eleanor Cook of East Carolina University. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Julia Gammon (Award Jury), Lauren Corbett (Chair, Acquisitions Section), Eleanor Cook (Award Recipient), Knut Dorn (Harrassowitz)




Certificate of Appreciation2011 Harrassowitz certificate of appreciation photo

In recognition of his constant support of acquisitions librarianship and the Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award, Dr. Knut Dorn was presented with a certificate of appreciation. The award was also renamed Harrassowitz Award for Leadership in Library Acquisitions. Pictured: (left to right) Lauren Corbett (Chair, Acquisitions Section), Knut Dorn (Recipient), ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre





ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation

ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Brenda Johnson (Dean, of Libraries, Indiana University Libraries accepting the award for the Open Folklore Project, Indiana University Libraries and the American Folklore Society), ALCTS President-Elect Betsy Simpson

The Outstanding Collaboration Citation recognizes and encourages collaborative problem-solving efforts in the areas of acquisition, access, management, preservation, or archiving of library materials. It recognizes a demonstrated benefit from actions, services, or products that improve and benefit providing and managing library collections. The 2011 award was given to Indiana University Libraries and American Folklore Society for collaboration on the Open Folklore Project. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Brenda Johnson (Dean, of Libraries, Indiana University Libraries accepting the award for the Open Folklore Project, Indiana University Libraries and the American Folklore Society), ALCTS President-Elect Betsy Simpson



Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award

ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Tara Kennedy (Chair, PARS), Roberta Pilette (Award Recipient), Robert Strauss (Preservation Technologies)

Roberta Pilette received the Banks-Harris Preservation Award, which recognizes the contribution of a professional preservation specialist who has been active in the field of preservation or conservation for library and archival materials. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Tara Kennedy (Chair, PARS), Roberta Pilette (Award Recipient), Robert Strauss (Preservation Technologies)





xudong jin (award jury), mary case (alcts president), patricia dragon (award recipient), peggy johnson (lrts editor)Best of LRTS Award

Recognizing the best article published in Library Resources & Technical Services during 2011, the award was given to Whitney Baker and Liz Dube for “Identifying Standard Practices in Research Library Book Conversion” vol. 54, no.1 January 2011, pp.21–39. The award will now be known as the Edward Swanson Memorial Best of LRTS Award to honor Swanson, who indexed volumes 1 through 54 of the journal and served as Book Review Editor for several years. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, ALCTS President- Elect Betsy Simpson, Liz Dube (Award Recipient), Whitney Baker (Award Recipient), Peggy Johnson (LRTS Editor).


marla chesler (award jury), mary case (alcts president), connie foster (crs), steve shadle (award recipient)Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award

Peter McCracken received the Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award for 2011. This award recognizes distinguished contributions to serials librarianship, including leadership in serials-related activities through participation in professional associations or library education programs; contributions to the body of serials literature; research in the area of serials; developing tools or methods to enhance access to or management of serials; and other advances leading to a better understanding of the field of serials.. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Michelle Sitko (Award Jury), Paul Moeller (Chair, CRS), Peter McCracken (Award Recipient), Yvette Diven (ProQuest/Serials Solutions)


ann vidor (award jury), mary case (alcts president), kelly mcgrath (award recipient), mark kendall (ybp)Esther J. Piercy Award

Marielle Veve of the University of Tennessee is the winner of the 2011 Esther J. Piercy Award. The Esther J. Piercy Award was established by ALCTS in 1968 in memory of Esther J. Piercy, the editor of Journal of Cataloging and Classification from 1950 to 1956 and of Library Resources & Technical Services from 1957 to 1967. It is given to recognize the contributions to those areas of librarianship included in library collections and technical services by a librarian with no more than ten years of professional experience who has shown outstanding promise for continuing contribution and leadership. The recipient receives a $1,500 grant donated by YBP, Inc. and a citation in recognition of his/her accomplishments. Pictured: (left to right) Carolynn Myall (Award Jury), ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Mark Kendall (YBP). Whitacre accepted the award on behalf of Marielle Veve.


Margaret Mann Citationmary case (alcts president), bruce chr. johnson (award jury), denice adkins (school of information science and learning technologies, university of missouri), glenn patton (oclc), olivia m. a. madison (award recipient), qiang jin (ccs)

The 2011 Margaret Mann Citation was awarded to the late Edward Swanson for his exemplary dedication and cataloging expertise, his efforts in shaping the work of cataloging groups at the highest level, and his guidance of innumerable individual catalogers. Presented by the ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section (CCS), the Mann Citation recognizes outstanding professional achievement in cataloging or classification and includes a $2,000 scholarship donated in the recipient’s honor by OCLC, Inc. to the library school of the winner’s choice. Swanson's family has chosen the Master of Library and Information Science Program at St. Catherine's University as the recipient of this year’s scholarship award. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Bruce Chr. Johnson (Award Jury), Deborah Torres (Master of Library and Information Science Program, St. Catherine’s University), Shelby Harken (Chair, CCS), Carla Urban (Minitex, accepting award for the late Edward Swanson), Glenn Patton (OCLC)


mary case (alcts president), bruce chr. johnson (award jury), denice adkins (school of information science and learning technologies, university of missouri), glenn patton (oclc), olivia m. a. madison (award recipient), qiang jin (ccs)LBI George Cunha and Susan Swartzburg Preservation Award

The 2011 LBI Cunha-Swartzburg Preservation Award was given to The California Preservation Program for its outstanding efforts to educate, preserve, and protect California’s cultural institutions. The LBI Cunha-Swartzburg Award, sponsored by LBI: The Library Binding Institute, includes a $1,250 grant and citation. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Kara McClurken (Award Jury), Tara Kennedy (Chair, PARS), Barclay Ogden (California Preservation Program and Award Recipient), Julie Page (California Preservation Program and Award Recipient), Jack Talbert (LBI)



kathy tezla (cmds), mary case (alcts president), galadriel chilton (award recipient), william doering (award recipient), robert nardini (coutts/ingram)Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management

The ALCTS Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) presented the Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management to Jason Price of the Claremont Colleges. The award recognizes significant and innovative contributions to electronic collections management and development practice. The recipients each receive a $1,000 award generously donated by Coutts Information Services and a citation. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Judy Jeng (Award Jury), Jason Price (Award Recipient), Ginger Williams (Chair, CMS), Clare Avapoo (Ingram Content Group)


cynthia whitacre (alcts president-elect), mary case (alcts president), jeanne drewes (award recipient), karen motylewski (award recipient), kate harcourt (award recipient), pamela bluh (award recipient), dina giambi (alcts past-president)Presidential Citations

The ALCTS Presidential Citations honors ALCTS members who make significant contributions to the association and to the profession but whose accomplishments do not fall within the criteria for ALCTS’ other awards. ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre recognized Mary Beth Weber of Rutgers University for her exemplary work during two terms as Editor of the ALCTS Newsletter Online and Kristin Martin of the University of Illinois Chicago for developing ALCTS e-Forums into a valuable resource for technical services professionals. Pictured (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, ALCTS Past-President Mary Case, Kristin Martin (Award Recipient), Mary Beth Weber (Award Recipient), ALCTS President- Elect Betsy Simpson


Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award william garrison (award jury), mary case (alcts president), peggy johnson (award recipient), kitti henderson (ebsco)

Jan Merrill-Oldham formerly of Harvard University is the recipient of the 2011 Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes her work in the area of preservation and hercommitment to developing preservation professionals. This award is sponsored by EBSCO Information Services and honors the recipient with $3,000 and a citation. Pictured: (left to right) ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre, Cynthia Coulter (Award Jury), Ellen Kruppa-Cunningham (accepting award for Jan Merrill-Oldham), Kitti Henderson (EBSCO)