Letters from ALCTS

Cynthia Whitacre, ALCTS President 2010-11

From the President

Cynthia Whitacre, ALCTS President 2010–2011

Moving Forward

In the March 2011 ANO issue, Charles Wilt wrote about the Transforming Collections Task Force that ALCTS has formed. I want to expand on that a bit and also talk about the strategic planning that ALCTS has undertaken this year.

The Transforming Collections TF is made up of a broad range of people from throughout ALCTS, including people who are both new to the profession and also those who have significant years of experience. The TF will present the ALCTS Board with a list of suggested directions and tasks at the New Orleans conference on Saturday afternoon. The tasks selected for implementation will move ALCTS forward in contributing to continuing education and growth of our own membership, as well as contribute to the mission of ALA as a whole.

The Board will also be adopting a new strategic plan for ALCTS during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. This plan represents a departure from previous plans since it concentrates on critical issues where ALCTS needs to improve and move forward, rather than listing things that we are already doing well and want to continue doing. For example, continuing education for our own members is an area that is thriving right now, and so it is not mentioned in the new strategic plan. Instead, issues like virtual participation, doing more to support standards development, and collaboration with other areas in our profession outside of ALCTS are included in the plan. The intent is that this new plan will continue to evolve each year, rather than having a set timeframe for implementation, so that issues may be subtracted as they are addressed, and new ones added as they arise.

ALCTS members had an opportunity to comment on the draft plan in early May. Thank you very much to those of you that commented. The ALCTS Planning committee is now analyzing those comments and making revisions to the plan to present to the board based on your comments.

Please feel free to attend the ALCTS Board meetings (Saturday and Monday afternoon) in New Orleans to hear and participate in the discussions of the TF report and the new strategic plan. The Board meetings are open and all are welcome to attend.

It has been my honor to serve as President of ALCTS for the past year. Thank you for the opportunity! I cannot believe the year has gone by so quickly. You can read my report about this year’s activities in the upcoming issue of LRTS. I want to take this opportunity to thank a few individuals who have provided outstanding service to ALCTS.

Diane Dates Casey is completing her second term as the ALCTS Councilor at this Annual Conference. In addition, she is retiring from her position as Dean of the University Library at Governors State University on June 30. Her level-headed approach has served ALCTS very well over the past six years as she has provided outstanding representation for us on Council. Thank you Diane, and congratulations on your retirement. (I must admit a bit of envy about the retirement.)

Mary Beth Weber is completing her second term (six years total) as editor of the ALCTS Newsletter Online with this conference as well. She has done a marvelous job, particularly in incorporating some features written by and about members in the newsletter. Congratulations to Mary Beth on a job well done!

The Board (including the long-standing members Diane and Mary Beth who both have served longer than anyone) has been very active this year, with lots of business transacted between meetings. I have been very pleased at the engagement and level of participation from Board members. Thanks to Mary Case, who served as a calm and thoughtful guide to me this year, and who also assumed responsibility for chairing the Task Force that selected the new ANO Editor. Charles Wilt keeps all of us in our large organization on track and moving forward, with great good humor (his April 1 correspondence is truly legendary). The dedicated ALCTS staff members Julie Reese and Christine McConnell continue to provide steady support for the work of the organization. We are truly lucky to have all three of them. And, I am looking forward to Betsy Simpson assuming the Presidency and Carolynne Myall becoming President-Elect after Annual. Both of them care passionately about ALCTS and will serve ALCTS well. It has been a privilege to work with all of these individuals and to serve the engaged and dynamic membership that makes up ALCTS. Thank you!

Contact Cynthia Whitacre (whatacrc@oclc.org).