Letters from ALCTS

mary beth weber, ano editor

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, ANO Editor

*My* ALCTS Experience

This is my final column as ANO Editor. The last six years have passed by very quickly. When I was first appointed, my daughters were 5 and 3. They will be 12 and 10 in the fall and my older daughter will be entering middle school. During my tenure as ANO Editor, I have had the privilege of working with many amazing people, including the staff of the ALCTS Office. Charles, Christine, and Julie do outstanding work. Our organization is what it is due in large part to their efforts and ongoing commitment. In addition, I have met so many wonderful people with whom I might not have had contact if I were just a member passively attending ALCTS meetings. Being engaged and part of ALCTS has brought my membership to another level.

I thank all the people (there are too many names to include here!) who have contributed to ANO in some way either through writing conference reports, submitting their committee and IG reports, writing articles for ANO, or writing a “My ALCTS Experience” column. While my term as editor is ending, I am far from through with ALCTS and my next assignment is to chair an awards jury. From there, who knows? Maybe I will run for ALCTS Councilor again or for section chair. I have also made some new friends in the process. I would like to acknowledge the support I received from Pamela Bluh, Bruce Johnson, Dina Giambi, Miriam Palm, Keri Cascio, Mary Case, Dale Swensen, Peggy Johnson, and Norm Medeiros. It was my pleasure to work with Edward Swanson and I have fond memories of him.

In anticipation of the 2011 ALA Annual Conference, this issue of ANO includes a listing of programs/preconferences/forums, committee and IG meetings, ALCTS events, election results, award winners, and an article by Amy Jackson on the proposed ALCTS institutional repository. I hope you find it useful.

Coincidentally, the title of my column in the last issue was “Moving Forward,” which happens to be the title of ALCTS President Cynthia Whitacre’s column in this issue. The time following the ALA Annual Conference is often one of turnover as terms end and new appointments begin. In addition to the end of my term, ALCTS Councilor Diane Dates Casey will also end her term after six years of outstanding service. We will have a new ALCTS President, Betsy Simpson who will succeed Cynthia Whitacre. In closing, I congratulate Alice Platt, the next ANO Editor and wish her success in her new role.

Contact Mary Beth Weber (mbfecko@rci.rutgers.edu).