Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

I have met so many wonderful people with whom I might not have had contact if I were just a member passively attending ALCTS meetings. Being engaged and part of ALCTS has brought my membership to another level. | MORE

From the President

The Board will be adopting a new strategic plan for ALCTS during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. This plan represents a departure from previous plans since it concentrates on critical issues where ALCTS needs to improve and move forward, rather than listing things that we are already doing well and want to continue doing. | MORE

From the Office

I am always amazed by and very much appreciative of those members who agree to seek an elected office in ALCTS. It takes a substantial time commitment at the Presidential or Section Chair level. The other offices ALCTS elects, Board level or Section level are just as important in the governance of the association. | MORE