ALCTS Councilor Report

Diane Dates Casey, ALCTS Councilor

At the Council Information Session, the chair of the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) reported that for the 2010 budget actual revenues were down $370,000 and expenses down $149,500 from budgeted. To date, the 2011 budget expenses exceed revenues. ALA Endowment funds, valued at $31,668 million as of December 31, 2010, recovered all the losses sustained in 2008 and 2009 and now exceed their previous high of $31,221 million at the end of 2007. ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels noted a 2 percent decline in personal memberships to 61,500. However, organizational memberships dropped by 500 institutions. Implementation of the new ALA strategic plan is under way with a major emphasis on Transforming Libraries and Member Engagement.

During Council I a new approach to Membership meetings at Annual Conference was announced. In the past very few members other than Councilors attended these meetings. Beginning at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, one Membership meeting will be held online before the conference and the other onsite during the conference. ALA membership will be surveyed about these meetings. A resolution, “Clarification within Job Listings as to the Presence or Absence of Domestic Partner Benefits” was passed after language in the resolved clauses was changed from “requires” to “encourages.” At the ALA-APA Council meeting, a positive net balance of $49,114 in 2010 was reported.

At Council II, ALA Treasurer James Neal focused on the FY10 audit which found no material weaknesses and received the best possible rating. Additionally, he reported that while revenues are down, expenses were cut commensurately. Only ALCTS, PLA, AASL and ALSC achieved positive net revenues in FY10. A 2 percent salary pool to cover raises for ALA staff was approved; no salary raises were given during the past three years.

At Council III, the Committees on Legislation and Intellectual Freedom proposed the “Resolution on Access to and Classification of Government Information” which addressed concerns related to WikiLeaks. Council passed this resolution. The “Resolution on Notifying Conference and Meeting Attendees of Hotels Named on ‘Do Not Patronize’ Lists” was defeated. The Council passed the “Resolution in Support of Requesting Congress to Reintroduce and Vote on the Dream Act” and the “Resolution on the Removal and Censorship of Artwork from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery.” Moreover, as part of the Committee on Legislation report, Council supported resolutions commending the U.S. Congress and the President for reauthorizing the Museum and Library Services Act, commending the President and U.S. Senate for confirming Susan Hildrethas IMLS Director, thanking Robert Tapella for his service as the 25th Public Printer of the United States, and commending Senator Jack Reed for his efforts to recognize libraries as essential community organizations during disasters, thus entitling them to reimbursement for temporary relocation facilities. Final attendance figures for Midwinter in San Diego were 10,110, while Midwinter in Boston was 11,095 and Denver was 10,220.