Letters from ALCTS

cynthia whitacre, alcts president 2010-11

From the President

Cynthia Whitacre, ALCTS President 2010–2011

ALCTS Is Bold and Daring!

Your ALCTS Executive Committee discussed this statement at the Fall Executive Committee meeting. We all agreed it was true. Does this seem surprising? Here are some ways in which ALCTS has been bold and daring:

  • Use of ALA Connect Space: Our division uses this ALA tool in a larger quantity than any other division within ALA. Our committees and interest groups have used the space to post minutes and other documents, to conduct committee business, and to hold online chat sessions on specific topics. If you don’t know what ALA Connect is, take a look. It’s free to all ALA members. And, members can start their own groups.
  • ALCTS Forums: We were the first ALA division to make use of Forums on a wide scale to cover hot topics at Conferences. ALCTS and each of our sections now have a timeslot reserved at both Midwinter and Annual to cover hot topics. Most forums are arranged within the lead time needed for formal programs. ALCTS has been consistently doing this for about five years and it has been a very successful strategy. Attendance at the forums has been excellent. ALA is looking at this Forum model that ALCTS uses as a potential model for others to adopt, particularly for Midwinter.
  • Section Restructuring: As you know, we’ve been discussing ALCTS restructuring for a few years now. More on that will happen in 2011. However, n the meantime, much restructuring is happening or has already taken place in the sections. The Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS) completely restructured and streamlined their organization a few years ago. Serials Section became the Continuing Resources Section (CRS) a few years ago. The Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) is in the process of becoming the Collection Management Section (CMS). Read more about that transition  on the section web page.

Other examples of bold, daring, and forward-thinking action on the part of ALCTS are:

  • The very successful current continuing education (CE) programs open to all (webinars, online courses, electronic forums) which often are repurposing content from conferences to allow more members access to content previously only available for conference attendees.
  • Preservation Week: This is ALCTS’ outreach to directly serve the general public as an association. The second one is coming April 24-30, 2011.

My conclusions from all of this are:

  • Our membership adapts quickly to new tools and technology.
  • We’re eager to learn new things, to communicate with each other, and to share our ideas.

As I write this shortly after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for our bold and daring organization and for each and every member. I am excited to be part of ALCTS as we evolve and move eagerly together into the future.

Contact Cynthia Whitacre (whitacrc@oclc.org).