ALCTS Councilor's Report: Annual 2010

Diane Dates Casey, ALCTS Councilor

During the ALA Council Information Session, James Neal, chair of the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC), reported that for FY10 the ALA revenues are $1.461 million less than budgeted with a projected $2 million shortfall by the end of the fiscal year. For FY11, ALA expects another fiscally challenging year and will be closely monitoring revenues and expenditures. The good news is that the endowment funds were at $28.9 million, a 1.1 percent increase year-to-date, as of the end of May 2010.

At Council I, ALA Council adopted the strategic plan for 2011-2015. The “Resolution Reaffirming Equal Employment Opportunity for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Librarians and Library Workers” was passed. This resolution updated terminology in ALA policy. A “Resolution to Insure Equitable Access to all Formats of Electronic Content Through Libraries” was postponed, so that the resolution and its objectives could be made more clear and focused. The “Resolution on Non-Discrimination in Conference Contracts” was sent to BARC for an opinion on its fiscal implications.

At Council II, Janet Swan Hill, on behalf of the Policy Monitoring Committee, brought forward several wording changes to the Policy Manual. A request was made to establish a Presidential Task Force to study and make recommendations that would eliminate as many inconsistencies as possible in the ALA Policy Manual. Swan Hill, a former ALCTS president, will leave Council after twenty-three years of outstanding service to that body; she plans to retire in 2011. Council unanimously passed the “Resolution Concerning the Proposed Closing of the School of Library and Information Science at Louisiana State University.” ALA Treasurer Rod Hersberger updated Council on FY10 and FY11 ALA finances. For FY11, Council affirmed a total Budgetary Ceiling of $57,162,413. The “Resolution to Ensure Equitable Access to all Formats of Electronic Content Through Libraries” was returned to the floor of Council and approved with the inclusion of representatives from the OITP (Office of Information Technology Policy) on the Presidential Task Force which will study these issues and make recommendations to Council. Additionally, the “Resolution on Ensuring Summer Reading Programs for all Children and Teens” was passed.

At Council III, the Intellectual Freedom Committee brought forward the “Prisoners’ Right to Read: An interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights” which was unanimously approved by Council. Several action items from the Committee on Legislation were in support of School Libraries and School Librarians. These were all passed by Council. The chair of the International Relations Committee commented that for the first time in many years there were no anti-war resolutions. The Committee on Organization requested the formation of a Retired Members Round Table (RMRT), as well as expansion of the Conference Committee to include a representative from the Accessibility Assembly. Council approved both items. The “Resolution on Institutional Review Boards and Intellectual Freedom” was referred to several interested committees and round tables. The “Resolution on Non-Discrimination in Conference Contracts” returned to Council with BARC’s comments and was passed.

The final attendance figure for the Washington, D.C. conference was 26,201, while last year’s Annual Conference in Chicago was 28,941.