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mary beth weber, ano editor

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, ANO Editor

The ALA Annual Conference Issue

The ALA Annual Conference is just weeks away. The majority of this issue of ANO is devoted to a listing of programs and events that will take place at the conference. I am impressed at the timeliness of the programs as well as the discussions that are planned for ALCTS committees and interest groups. Our members work hard to develop programs and content that benefit our association and the profession. Some of the programs/preconference and forum topics include linked data, licensing, XSLT for digital libraries, RDA, next generation OPACs, cooperative collection development, and National Preservation Week. See the “News” portion of this issue for a listing of preconferences and programs, plus committee and interest group topics. There is still time to volunteer to serve as a reporter on one of these sessions. Contact me to see what is available, and your report, complete with a byline, will be published in the September issue of ANO, which features post-Annual coverage.

Other events of interest at Annual include:

  • ALCTS 101, which will take place 7:30-9pm, Washington Convention Center, 146C. The event will be followed by an informal happy hour; details will be announced at the meeting.
  • The ALCTS Awards Ceremony on Sunday, June 27, 5:30-7 pm at the Renaissance Washington, Grand Ballroom South/Central.
  • The ALCTS Forum will take place 8-10 am, Monday, June 28 at the Washington Convention Center, Ballroom B. The recently released Ithaka S+R faculty survey will be discussed. ALCTS President Mary Case will serve as moderator.
  • The ALCTS President’s Program is on Monday, June 28, 10:30-noon at the Washington Convention Center, Ballroom B. The program will explore how research in the information age is driven by digital data.

In addition to reading the “News” section, please see Sarah Simpson’s “My ALCTS Experience” column and an article about Michigan State University librarians Joshua Barton and Lucas Mak who share their experiences with using SkyRiver, a new bibliographic utility.

I would like to thank ALCTS President Mary Case and Past ALCTS President Dina Giambi for the privilege of working with them. I wish Cynthia Whitacre success in her upcoming role as ALCTS President as well as Betsy Simpson in her new role as ALCT President-Elect.

Contact Mary Beth Weber (mbfecko@rci.rutgers.edu).