Volume 21 no. 2/ June 2010

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

The majority of this issue of ANO is devoted to a listing of programs and events that will take place at Conference. I am impressed at the timeliness of the programs as well as the discussions that are planned for ALCTS committees and interest groups. Our members work hard to develop programs and content that benefit our association and the profession. | MORE

From the President

So how might a vision of our future look like? As I have heard from colleagues and have been mulling it over, I believe libraries must begin thinking of themselves as part of a single global system. Our collections and expertise should be coordinated within our local and regional consortia and with other consortia and systems throughout the world. Information is a global industry and research and scholarship are increasingly global enterprises. | MORE

From the Office

So why are we losing members? And then what can we do to show people how essential we are to their professional lives? It is all in the perception of value someone gets or does not think they get from belonging to an association. There is nothing extraordinarily complex about this. If people do not think it is worth their money, then chances are they are not going to belong very long or at all. We are not alone. Most of the other Divisions and ALA are suffering like us. | MORE


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