2010 Election

Candidates for ALCTS President: Betsy Simpson and Mary Beth Thomson

betsy simpson, candidate for alcts president Betsy Simpson, University of Florida

STATEMENT: It it’s not uncommon these days for colleagues to attach a quote to their e-mail signatures. A recent one caught my eye: to paraphrase, “Any fool can think of questions; it’s the answers that separate the men from the boys.” Fortunately, this misguided sentiment is not prevalent in ALCTS. Not only do ALCTS members recognize the importance of all kinds of questioning, especially of the status quo, they also understand that today’s environment demands innovative approaches where “answers” are fluid, not definitive. We are bombarded daily with predictions about the future of libraries and our specializations. Through ALCTS we have the opportunity to test these assumptions and collaborate to move in new directions. Positioning ALCTS to capitalize on the enormous creativity and expertise among its members for the betterment of the profession is the challenge the association faces, particularly in a time of budget reductions and pressures to reexamine priorities.

mary beth thompson, candidate for alcts president Mary Beth Thomson, University of Kentucky

STATEMENT: I am honored by the opportunity to serve the members of ALCTS. As an organization we strive to support our diverse membership by providing information and opportunities for impacting the latest practices, standards and issues. We provide a variety of educational opportunities and our networks support the exchange of ideas and professional development. We will continue to encourage professional growth and provide leadership opportunities as we promote research and scholarship. I enthusiastically support ALCTS’ efforts to incorporate innovative methods for providing continuing education opportunities that address diverse functions, workflows, standards, and skills within our members changing professional environments. We need to continue planning and budgeting for increased avenues for virtual member participation. We must continue to strategically incorporate new methods of communicating both within ALCTS and among other divisions and organizations. I look forward to working with you to ensure ALCTS remains a vibrant, innovative and fiscally sound organization.