Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

The polls have opened and the elections for ALCTS President and ALCTS Division chairs, as well as ALA President, are now open. I urge you to vote. This is one of your privileges as a member of ALCTS and ALA. | MORE

From the President

ALCTS is the only organization that brings together all of the disciplines that constitute collections and technical services functions. We are in a unique position to leverage the expertise of our members to create a body of work that articulates the latest thinking in our field and guides our path to the future. | MORE

From the Office

ALCTS needs to look at it own revenue sources and see if there are any new sources that we could develop. There are two reasons why I mention this now. First, it is now part of the budget process (I even have a form to complete if needed) and secondly, it is good for the continued growth of the association. These new business ideas are not going to be large, grandiose schemes, but most likely something much more subtle and very much more doable. | MORE