Vol.20, No.3 / September 2009

Vol.20, No.3 / September 2009

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

You may remember that there is a new Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group within ALCTS. The “My ALCTS Experience” column for the coming year will feature public librarians to help promote the group and its activities and to highlight the involvement of public librarians in our organization. | MORE

From the President

The primary goal of ALCTS this year is to forge a common understanding of our future. Over the last several years we have surveyed members, solicited input through electronic and face-to-face forums, and shared perspectives through the ALCTS Newsletter. | MORE

From the Office

If you attended the Monday morning session at Annual in Chicago on “Creating our Future,” you will see here some of the information I mentioned when I answered some of the questions that people were asking. Not to be too boring or repetitious, I have thrown in some other tantalizing morsels. | MORE

Looking Ahead: Calendar of Events