Letters from ALCTS

mary beth weber, ano editor

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, ANO Editor


The 2009 ALA Annual Conference will be held in Chicago in July. I interviewed for the position of ANO editor the last time the conference was held in Chicago. In three short years, I have seen many changes and opportunities within ALCTS and our profession, and have meet and worked with a number of amazing people. I always feel energized as I prepare for the conference.

ALCTS is offering many preconferences and programs, including those organized by committees and interest groups. There is something for everyone, and it will be hard for me to pick between the offerings. I am continually amazed by the excellent programs organized by ALCTS members and the outstanding speakers they recruit. See the “Annual Preview” portion of this issue for a listing of preconferences and programs. There is still time to volunteer to serve as a reporter on one of these sessions. Contact me to see what is available, and your report, complete with a byline, will be published in the September issue of ANO, which features post-Annual coverage.

I would like to draw your attention to some other features in this issue of ANO:

  • See my interview with Dean Jorge Schement of the Rutgers School of Communication and Information on the school’s recent name change, which included dropping the word “library.”Is this a sign of the times?
  • See my report on the Google Books Settlement panel discussion that recently took place at Rutgers University. I am fortunate to work with Nancy Kranich who chairs ALA’s Committee on Legislation Subcommittee on Copyright. She also moderated a panel at the 2009 ALA Midwinter Meeting on the Google Book Settlement, and participated in an ALA workshop held by ALA and the Association of Research Libraries on the legal implications of the settlement. Nancy and other Rutgers colleagues participated in a panel discussion on the impact of this settlement on university publishing, scholarship, and collections.
  • Read Executive Director Charles Wilt’s column which reflects on his ten years with ALCTS. It is amazing to read about the changes that have taken place within our division during that time under Charles’ leadership.
  • Read ALCTS President Dina Giambi’s final column as president. The year has passed quickly and it is hard to believe her term is almost over.
  • Plan on attending the ALCTS Awards Ceremony on Sunday, July 12, 5:30-7 pm at the Chicago Hilton, Waldorf Room. See the "News" section for a rundown of awards and recipients. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • Lastly, Christine Ross and I have developed a survey for members to give feedback on ANO. Please let us know your thoughts as we are always looking for ways to improve the content and delivery of the newsletter.

I hope to see and meet people in Chicago. If we have not met, please do introduce yourself. I like to put a face to a name. I have worked virtually with a number of people and like the opportunity to meet people.

Contact Mary Beth Weber (mbfecko@rci.rutgers.edu).