Annual Preview


Cataloging Digital Media Back to the Future!

Thursday, July 9, 8:30 am - 5 pm, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Columbia Hall, I/J. Contact Julie Moore for more information. This preconference is sponsored by the ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section (CCS) and co-sponsored by OLAC.

This preconference workshop provides practical information on the descriptive cataloging of digital media. Some hands-on exercises will be provided. The following digital media types will be covered: DVD-Video, Blu-Ray Discs, DVD-Audio, DualDiscs, DVD-ROMs, Playaways, and streaming media. Highlights of the recently published Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (OLAC) cataloging guides will be covered. See the OLAC website for the guides. There will also be a presentation of future trends of cataloging digital media, particularly in regard to RDA.


  • Jay Weitz, Senior Consulting Database Specialist, OCLC
  • Anchalee (Joy) Panigabutra-Roberts, Assistant Professor, Metadata Services Librarian and Women's and Gender Studies Faculty and Liaison, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Robert Ellett, Lecturer (School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University) and Catalog Librarian, Joint Forces Staff College ( Norfolk, Virginia)

Metadata Standards and Applications: A "Cataloging for the 21st Century" Workshop

Thursday and Friday, July 9-10, 8:30 am - 5 pm, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Grand C North. Contact ALCTS Office for more information.

This two-day preconference explores metadata standards and applications for bibliographic control in the 21st century. The goal is to relate what participants already know about library catalog metadata to digital library metadata, preparing them to apply current knowledge to new areas. Not primarily a “hands on” workshop for learning how to create metadata, exercises are included, providing a solid foundation in current metadata concepts, standards and issues for digital libraries.


  • Steven Miller, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Jennifer Lang, Princeton University

Streaming Media and Proliferating E-Books: Acquiring and Managing Emerging Formats

Thursday, July 9, 8:30 am - 5 pm, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Columbus Hall G. This program is sponsored by the ALCTS Acquisitions Section. Contact ALCTS Office for more information.

Streaming media and e-books present unique ordering, licensing and long-term management challenges. Learn how to integrate electronic books into acquisitions workflows. Explore streaming and other emerging media as growing areas of content with new roles for technical services. Copyright, licensing and delivery are key considerations.


  • deg farrelly, Arizona State University at the West
  • Cris Ferguson, Furman University
  • Jesse Holden, Millersville University (Millersville, Pennsylvania)
  • Nathan D. M. Robertson, University of Maryland School of Law

Manipulating Metadata: XSLT for Librarians

Friday, July 10, 8:30 am - 5 pm, Off-site at 216 W. Jackson, Suite 900 (near the Sears Tower). This preconference is co-sponsored by LITA. Seating is limited. Contact ALCTS Office for more information.

Designed to introduce participants to XSLT for manipulation of metadata and other sets of data, instruction will cover the basics of XML and XSLT as well as more advanced commands and control structures. Focusing on use of XSLT for working with metadata in a library context, this hands-on workshop will allow participants to practice the principles discussed by the instructors.


  • Frances Knudson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Christine Ruotolo, University of Virginia

RDA, FRBR, FRAD: Making the Connection

Friday, July 10, 8:30 am - 5 pm, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Columbus Hall I/J. Contact ALCTS Office for more information.

This preconference focuses on the role of the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) and the Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD) in Resource Description and Access (RDA). The necessity of understanding these new conceptual foundations is essential in order to transition to the future cataloging environment. Participants will hear from a panel of experts on FRBR and FRAD attributes and relationships, new terminology and concepts, and participate in practical hands-on exercises.


  • Barbara Tillett (Library of Congress)
  • Glenn Patton (OCLC)
  • Robert Maxwell Brigham Young University)
  • Tom Delsey (Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA)

Forums and Programs

ALCTS Forum: Creating our Future

Monday, July 13, 8-10 a.m., Hilton Chicago, Continential A/B.

You’re invited to take part in a discussion that will shape the future of ALCTS as an organization. What value do you want from your association? What should be the focus of that association? Share your thoughts with your colleagues. Hosted by M. Dina Giambi, ALCTS President. Karen Schmidt, Dean of Libraries at Illinois Wesleyan University, will moderate.

Catalog Use and Usability Studies: What Do They Show and How Should This Evidence Affect Our Decision-Making?

Sunday, July 12, 1:30 - 5:30 pm, McCormick Place West, Room W-196C. Sponsored by the ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section Research and Publications Committee. Contact Mark Braden for more information.

How are online catalogs used? What information is sought by different levels of users? How well do OPACs support catalog functions? What role should usability studies play in the decision making process? What improvements can be made in response to the findings of a catalog usability study? This program invites researchers from various types of libraries who have employed catalog usability and user studies findings to improve their catalogs to share their experiences.


  • Karen Calhoun, OCLC, who will discuss “Online Catalogs: What Users and Librarians Want.” In 2008, OCLC conducted research in order to understand:
    • The metadata elements that are most important to end users in determining if an item will meet his/her needs
    • The enhancements end users would like to see made in online catalogs to assist them in consistently identifying appropriate materials
    • The enhancements librarians would recommend for online catalogs to better assist them in their work

      The findings were published in “Online Catalogs: What End Users and Librarians Want.” Calhoun will discuss what she and her research team learned about “quality” in online catalogs.
  • Nora Dimmock, University of Rochester, will discuss “User Research at the University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries: Using an Anthropological Approach to Build a Better Catalog.” The University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries has been conducting usability testing since 2001 and conducting user research under the guidance of staff anthropologist Nancy Foster since 2003. This anthropological approach has been used to conduct participatory design workshops and work practice studies of faculty, undergraduates and graduate students. As a result, Rochester has collected data from each group about their unique “research culture” and the kind of enhancements to our research tools, including the catalog, we could add to better align ourselves their work. The Extensible Catalog, a Mellon funded project led by the River Campus Libraries and partners at other academic, public and private institutions, incorporates many of these enhancements.
  • Beth Thomsett-Scott, University of North Texas, will discuss “Competitive Usability of Online Public Access Catalogs.” Competitive usability, the use of websites from "competitors" in a usability study, was chosen as a technique when the University of North Texas decided to revise the user interface of its online catalog. Students, faculty, and staff underwent task-based testing on four online catalogs from academic institutions (the home catalog and three other catalogs which had very different looks and feels). Focus groups were incorporated to provide additional information on the preferences of the participants for terminology and design elements that would enhance the usability of the current online catalog user interface. Successful implementation and analysis of a competitive usability study will be discussed. Featured topics include the selection of “competitor” sites, selecting techniques, running the study, using the data, and lessons learned. If time permits, attendees will be able to observe a task-based test utilizing competitive usability. Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of how competitive usability studies enhance their OPAC usability studies and how to design and implement a competitive usability study.

Collecting for Digital Repositories: New Ways to Disseminate and Share Information

July 12, 3:30 - 5:30 pm, McCormick Place West, W190b. Contact Adrian Ho for more information. The CMDS Collection Development and Electronic Resources (CDER) Committee has organized this program on digital repositories. The program is funded in part by a generous donation from ARTstor, and is co-sponsored by ACRL Scholarly Communications Committee and ACRL EBSS E-Resources in Communication Studies Committee.

Paul Royster (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Dianne McCutcheon (National Library of Medicine), and Sayeed Choudhury (Johns Hopkins University) will discuss development and management issues of three types of digital repositories (i.e., institutional, disciplinary, and data repositories). They will focus on selection criteria, content recruitment, and the role of digital repositories in scholarly communication. This program will provide participants with an opportunity to hear experts share their thoughts and experiences of digital repository collection development and management.

Collection Development 2.0: The Changing Administration of Collection Development

July 11, 3:30 - 5:30 pm, McCormick Place West, Room W-181. Sponsored by ALCTS Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) and co-sponsored by RUSA CODES and RUSA STARS.

Interested in knowing more about where collection development is heading? Fueled by new technologies, rapid changes are taking place in the publication and delivery of scholarly as well as popular resources. In the last few years, many libraries have already engaged in shifting views and approaches toward collection development and management. This program intends to expose issues surrounding the new strategies and changes underway, and to stimulate questions, comments, and discussion.

Four outstanding speakers will discuss issues related to the changing administration of collection development and management:

  • Steven Harris, Director of Collections and Acquisitions Services, University of New Mexico, and creator of the Collections 2.0 blog, who will serve as moderator.
  • Rick Anderson, Associate Director for Scholarly Resources and Collections, University of Utah
  • Martha White, Director of Library Experiences, Lexington (Kentucky) Public Library
  • Jonathan Nabe, Collection Development Librarian / Sciences and Technology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Electronic Resource Management Systems: The Promise and Disappointment

July 13, 8-10 am at McCormick Place West, W-184. Sponsored by ALCTS Continuing Resources Section (CRS)

The emergence of commercial electronic resources management systems (ERMs) has held the promise of solutions for multiple problems facing electronic resource managers. However, libraries adopting these systems have achieved varying degrees of success in implementation and maintenance of these systems.


  • Apryl Price, Electronic Resources Librarian, Texas A&M University
  • Jeanne Langendorfer, Coordinator of Serials, Bowling Green State University
  • Jeannie Downey, Electronic Resources Coordinator, University of Houston Libraries
  • Alisha (Little) Quagliana, Coordinator for Administrative Metadata, University of Texas at Austin
  • Betsy Friesen, Technical Services Analyst, University of Minnesota Libraries

The Future of MARC

July 10, 4 - 5:30 pm, Chicago Hilton Northwest 1. Contact Mary Woodley for more information.

The form topic is “The Future of MARC.” Speakers:

  • Karen Coyle, moderator (Digital Library Consultant)
  • Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress, Senior Networking and Standards Specialist in the Network Development and MARC Standards Office)
  • Ted Fons (Director, OCLC WorldCat Global Metadata Network)
  • Amy Eklund (Catalog Librarian in JCLRC Technical Services, Georgia Perimeter College)
  • Diane Hillmann (Director of Metadata Initiatives, Information Institute of Syracuse and Partner, Metadata Management Associates)

Going Global! Finding Non-English Language Specialists

July 13, 8-10 am, McCormick Place West, W-180. It is sponsored by the ALCTS Steering Committee to Oversees the Implementation of Non-English Task Force Recommendations and is co-sponsored by ACRL AAMES, WEES, SEES, and LLAMA. ALCTS Thanks Casalini libri for Sponsoring this Program.

The Report of the ALCTS Non-English Language Task Force acknowledged difficulties in the recruiting of Non-English language specialists. In keeping with ALA's commitment to a diverse library workplace, this program brings together speakers who have substantial experience in dealing with this issue. Presentations will discuss how to find the right non-English language specialists; how to maintain sufficient quality control of (and access to) records for non-English materials; and how to employ creative, alternative staffing solutions in this area. The program is geared toward library administrators, managers and catalogers from different types of libraries who will obtain first-hand knowledge of the issues. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion and share experiences.


  • Amy Hart, Head of Bibliographic Services, Minuteman Library Network
  • Patricia Stelter, Vice President, Bibliographic Services, Backstage Library Works
  • Sherab Chen, Coordinator, Non-Roman Languages, Ohio State University Libraries
  • Alena Aissing, Slavic Studies Librarian, University of Florida
  • Hikaru Nakano, East Asian Cataloger, University of Florida

Holdings Update Forum: The Changing Landscape of Serials Holdings Information

July 11, 3:30-5:30 pm at the Chicago Hilton, Continental B, and is sponsored by ALCTS CRS Committee on Holdings Information

The forum will be a roundup of information about holdings data in its various forms and across a variety of systems. It will examine the current state of serials holdings in library systems and electronic coverage data in journal databases and access management knowledge bases.


  • Steven Knowlton, Library Holdings Consultant, UMI/ProQuest will discuss how ProQuest handles original data provided by the publishers and how they present it in the full-text aggregator's database
  • Moshe Efron, VP Product Development, TDNet will discuss TDNet's implementation of ONIX SOH version 1.1. How they provide both enumeration and chronology data for e-journal coverage at the level of holdings details that is comparable to the level of details in MARC 21 Holdings standard in library systems.
  • Les Hawkins, CONSER Coordinator, Library of Congress. This presentation will discuss CONSER publication patterns initiative and its future directions. New ideas of developing a universal holdings database and making use of OCLC local holdings records to support mass digitization and preservation projects will also be explored.

Keeping the Best in Challenging Economic Times: Evaluating and Assessing Collections for Cancellation Decisions

Sunday, July 12, 3:30 -5:30 pm, InterContinental Hotel, Seville East Room. Contact Cory Tucker for more information.

Academic libraries are facing difficult economic times, and many libraries will experience budget cuts. It is vital that libraries make well informed decisions regarding which resources to cancel. This program provides three current examples of serials cancellations projects at academic libraries. The program will provide information on using evaluation and assessment of library collections to make the best possible decision for journal and database cancellations.


  • Paul Metz, Director of Collection Management, Virginia Tech University
  • Greg Raschke, Associate Director for Collections and Scholarly Communication, North Carolina State University Libraries
  • Gerri Foudy, Manager of Collections and Scholarly Communications, University of Maryland at College Park

Leadership Development in Transition: Steering the Ship from Helm and Deck

July 11, 3:30-5:30 pm, McCormick Place West, W-196a. Contact Melinda Reagor Flannery for more information. The program is sponsored by the ALCTS Leadership Development Committee, and co-sponsored by the LLAMA Human Resources Leadership Skills Committee, the ACRL Instruction Section, and the ALA New Members Round Table. It is generously supported by Taylor & Francis.

Librarians at all levels are challenged by the need for a new generation of leadership and for profound reshaping of the library as institution. Newer librarians full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas need organizational help to ensure their contributions have greatest impact. Senior librarians have administrative responsibility for the library's future but need help in rethinking its structures. This program offers concrete suggestions about how library leadership can be shared in this transformative time.


  • Jill Canono (Leadership Consultant, State Library and Archives of Florida)
  • Olivia Madison (Dean of the Library, Iowa State University)
  • Nanette Donohue (Technical Services Manager, Champaign Public Library)

Managing Preservation without a Preservation Librarian

July 12, 3:30-5:30 pm, McCormick Place West, W-18. It is sponsored by the ALCTS Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS) and co-sponsored by PLA and LLAMA Systems and Services Section (SASS).

Many libraries manage preservation programs and activities without a full-time preservation administrator. Managing preservation in small and mid-sized libraries of all types (public, academic, school, special, etc.) depends on the integration of preservation responsibilities in all units and the support of administration. This program will outline the role of the director and others in the library, policies and planning, and program elements to initiate and support preservation efforts.


  • Roberta Pilette, Head of Preservation, Yale University
  • Oliver Cutshaw, Campus Librarian, Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Michele Stricker, Library Development Bureau Consultant, New Jersey State Library

New Selectors and Selecting in New Subjects: Meeting the Challenges

July 12, 1:30-3 pm, at McCormick Place West W-196b. This program is sponsored by ALCTS Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) Education Committee and the CMDS Publications Committee, and co-sponsored by RUSA : CODES and PLA.

Are you challenged by a new collection development assignment? Or are you responsible for training new librarians in collection development? Librarians are increasingly thrust into new roles as selectors in unfamiliar disciplines or liaisons to unrelated academic departments and community groups, yet we often assume these roles with little to no training and/or subject background. This program explores the changing environment of collection development and offers strategies for preparing for new challenges.


  • Jeff Kosokoff, Director, Ginn Library and Information Technology, Tufts University
  • Arro Smith, Technical Services Manager, San Marcos Public Library
  • Linda L. Phillips, Professor and Head, Scholarly Communication, The University of Tennessee
  • Harriet Lightman, Head, Academic Liaison Services, Northwestern University (moderator)

The Open Knowledge Commons and Library Collections: The Other Scan Plan

July 11, 10:30 am - 12 pm, McCormick Place West, W-179. Contact John Vickery for more information. Sponsored by the ALCTS CMDS Administration of Collection Development Committee.

There is more to large-scale digitization than Google. The Open Knowledge Commons (growing out of the Open Content Alliance) offers both an alternative and a complement to the Google Books Library Project. Along with the Internet Archive, the OKC represents the collaborative efforts of cultural, technology, nonprofit, and governmental organizations to build a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia content.


  • Maura Marx, Executive Director, Open Knowledge Commons
  • Betsy Kruger, Associate Professor, Digital Content Creation, The University Library at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Heather Christenson, Mass Digitization Project Manager, California Digital Library

The Power of XML to Enhance Work Flow and Discovery

July 13, 1:30 - 3 pm, McCormick Place West, W-179. Cosponsored by LITA’s Digital Library Technologies Interest Group. Contact Miloche Kottman for more information.

From EDI to MODS and EAD, XML in libraries is becoming much more commonplace. It has become so common that staff may not recognize that they are using XML. Is XML the “new carrier” called for in “On the Record”? This program will provide a brief overview of XML and its current uses in libraries, including acquisitions, OPACs and digital preservation. The potential for new applications to further enhance technical services workflows will also be discussed.


  • Patrick Yott, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Brown University
  • David Ruddy, Director, E-Publishing Technologies, Cornell Library

President's Program

Who Owns Antiquity?

Monday, July 13, 10:30 am-12 pm, Chicago Hilton, Continental A/B. Sponsored by Elsevier.

Find full details in the Member Events page.

PVLR Forum

July 13, 8-10 am at McCormick Place West, 192C.

Print on demand (POD) will be discussed.

RDA Implementation Task Force

Saturday, July 11, 1:30-5:30 pm, McCormick Place West, Room W-134. Contact Shawne Miksa, Chair, RDA Implementation Task Force for more information.

The task force will present the program “Look Before You Leap: Taking RDA For a Test-Drive.” This program focuses on giving librarians the opportunity to test-drive RDA. The content and organization of RDA (in comparison to AACR2) will be examined. The speakers will focus on the RDA online product, creating workflows, RDA in ILS systems, testing of RDA, its effect on the MARC format, and RDA education.


  • Barbara Bushman (National Library of Medicine)
  • John Espley (VTLS, Inc.)
  • Shawne Miksa (University of North Texas)
  • Nannette Naught (IMT, Inc.)

Resuscitating the Catalog: Next-Generation Strategies for Keeping the Catalog Relevant

July 13, 8-10 a.m. McCormick Place West, W-179. It is sponsored by the ALCTS Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) and co-sponsored by RUSA : RSS Catalog Use Committee and the LITA Next Gen Catalog Interest Group.

In today's complex information environment, users have come to expect evaluative information and interactive capabilities when searching for information resources. A panel of experts will address various aspects of providing links to external information in library catalogs, implementing user-contributed functionality, and using computational data to support bibliographic control.


  • David Flaxbart, Head Librarian, Chemistry Library, University of Texas at Austin
  • Renee Register, Global Product Manager, OCLC
  • Beth Jefferson, President, BiblioCommons
  • Ellen Safley, Senior Associate Director, University of Texas, Dallas

Re-Thinking Staff Resources in the E-Serials Environment

Sunday, July 12, 8-10 am, McCormick Place West, W181. Contact Lori Osmus Kappmeyer, Chair, CRS Education Committee, for more information. The ALCTS Continuing Resources Section is sponsoring this program, which is co-sponsored by the PLA Workload and Staffing Patterns Cluster, Staffing Issues Committee, and the LLAMA/SASS Technical Services and Systems Committee.

Electronic continuing resources have added complexity and increased staff workloads. This is a new environment, where work related to print serials has become the exception. In these times of budget reductions, what can we do with our limited staffing to manage both print and electronic serials more efficiently? The speakers will discuss the changes they have made to streamline workflows and re-allocate staff to more effectively manage continuing resources in all formats in their libraries.


  • Rick Anderson (University of Utah)
  • Gloria Guzi (Cleveland Public Library)
  • Carol Ann Borchert (University of South Florida)

Swingin' With the Pendulum: Facing Cancellations in the Age of E-Journal Packages

July 11, 3:30-5:30 pm at the Chicago Hilton, Williford. Sponsored by the ALCTS Continuing Resources Section (CRS).

E-Journals are now commonly purchased in packages, often with pricing tied to historical print subscriptions. As these packages mature, historical pricing is often lost as publishers insist on 1-line invoices. In contrast, there is the continuance of lengthy, time-consuming renewal lists that must be confirmed. What happens when the economy slows and budgets shrink? How do we handle cancellations and e-journal packages in this changed environment, with these evolving models of payment?


  • Beth Bernhardt, Electronic Resources Librarian/Journal Finder Consultant, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  • Rebecca Day, Manager, E-Resources Services, EBSCO
  • Bob Boissy, Director, Springer
  • Speaker TBA, PASCAL

Workflow Tools for Automating Metadata Creation and Maintenance

Saturday, July 11, 10:30 a.m. – 12 pm, McCormick Place West, W181. This program is sponsored by the ALCTS Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group (NRMIG) and co-sponsored by LITA.

Lively discussion of workflow tools for automating metadata creation and maintenance.


  • Jenn Riley (Metadata Librarian, Indiana University)
  • Rhonda Marker (Repository Collection Manager, Rutgers University)
  • Ann Caldwell (Coordinator, Digital Production Services, Brown University


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