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ALCTS Membership Events at Annual '09

All Conference attendees are welcome to attend these events, sponsored by ALCTS members.    

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ALCTS 101: A Primer: Who We Are, What We Do and How You Fit

Friday, July 10, 7-9 pm at ALA Headquarters, 50 E Huron St in Chicago. Contact Debbie Ryszka or Gina Minks for more information.

Stop by ALA for an invigorating evening of ALCTS fun and information on the ALCTS experience. Participate in a round robin of “Topical Table Talks” about ALCTS programs, interest groups, publications, and more.

Do you have Technology 2.0 skills? Would you like to design a webinar or start a Twitter group? We can really use your help as ALCTS goes through a facelift. Check out the ALCTS 101 Wordle.

wordle: alcts 101

Would you like to provide service by mentoring? Or, are you looking for guidance as you navigate your career? ALCTS 101 is great place to start those discussions!

Whether you are a new member, a prospective member or a reinvigorated participant, there is a role for you—come on down. And head around the corner afterward to a local watering hole to continue the discussion.    

ALA Member Pavilion Presentations

There’s always something going on at the ALA Member Pavilion (booth # 3034) during Exhibit Hours. Each ALA Group is represented, so you can learn about any of ALA's many groups and pick up all kinds of information and goodies. For the second year in a row, many ALA units will give 20-minute presentations about who they are and what they're doing. The full listing of presentations is posted in the Conference Wiki, but the two ALCTS sessions are highlighted here:

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Save Your Memories: Preservation Week 2010

Sunday July 12, 1:30-2 pm | Ever wonder how to store old baseball cards? How to carefully handle that photo of great uncle Vic or cousin Kaya? Or how to preserve your digital diary or your quilt collection? Everyone who saves things-from family mementos to world-class collections-has similar questions. Preservation Week aims to connect collectors with preservation resources through their local libraries. Libraries care for their vast and varied collections every day, so they are perfect places for learning about preservation.

The inaugural Preservation Week will be held March 7-13, 2010, and is sponsored by the American Library Association’s Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS) of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) in collaboration with the Library of Congress and other organizations. Come to a Preservation Week overview at Booth 3034, ALA Member Pavilion, McCormick Place on Sunday, June 12, 1:30-2 pm. Learn what role your library can play, and keep an eye on for developments and news.

RDA: Top 10 Things to Know

Monday July 13, 12:30-1 pm | If you immediately think of vitamins when you hear “RDA,” you should stop by the Pavilion to take in a quick dose of information about the new cataloging rules: Resource Description and Access. If you work in a library or use one, chances are that these rules affect you. So take a break and get your RDA.    

President’s Program

Monday, July 13, 10:30 am-12 pm, Chicago Hilton, Continental A/B. Sponsored by Elsevier.

Plan on attending the President’s Program “Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle over Our Ancient Heritage.” The question of who owns antiquities has caused much debate for centuries. Countries, archaeologists, museums, private collectors, and dealers bring diverse and opposing perspectives to impassioned discussions. Countries demand the return of ancient treasures while museums steadfastly assert their right to share artifacts beyond the country of origin. Can the former system of partage, in which the home country of the archaeologists and the host country share access to the artifacts, solve this problem?

Join ALCTS President Dina Giambi as she welcomes James Cuno, President and Director, The Art Institute of Chicago, as he discusses his 2008 book, Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle over Our Ancient Heritage.

Awards Ceremony

Sunday, July 12, 5:30 - 7 pm, Hilton, Waldorf Room. Contact ALCTS Office for more information.

Join honorees, fellow members, and guests as we celebrate another year of excellence in professional contributions by ALCTS members. See full details on award recipients in this issue.


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