Vol.19, Nos.4–5/Aug.–Oct. 2008

Vol.19, Nos.4–5/Aug.–Oct. 2008

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

I hope all is well with our members and that people are able to use the information provided in the reports and apply it to their work. I am impressed with the diversity of our members and the array of expertise they bring to our association.| MORE

From the President

Effective communication is such a fundamental aspect of any successful organization that it bears repeating. There are many opportunities to participate in online and in person discussions, to contribute actively to the work of a committee, and to publish in the association’s refereed journal, Library Resources & Technical Services. | MORE

From the Office

What would happen if we deconstructed the entire organization and rebuilt it based on communities of practice, not on somewhat archaic notions of how libraries are organized these days? | MORE