Vol.18, No.2 / April 2007

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

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jennifer younger, author of this issue's my alcts experience My ALCTS Experience: Jennifer Younger

Within the fast-paced and changing environment surrounding the profession, one aspect remains constant. It is the ability of our members to think about the fundamental principles and practical concerns as they might emerge in the future.

thumbnail of orginization chart that shows the relationships between the rda players RDA's Project Manager Reports

Providing communication about RDA to those interested in tracking its progress is essential. As project manager, I work closely with the RDA Outreach Group in developing channels of communication, which take a number of different forms: e-mails, RDA-L, RDA FAQs on the JSC web site, and live presentations.

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Calendar of professional events in the coming months.

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Vol.18, No.2 / April 2007

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

This issue contains the Annual Conference Preview: meeting schedules, programs and preconferences; discussion and interest group meeting topics; call for volunteer reporters for Annual events; call for ALCTS booth staffers; New Leaders Orientation: learn how ALCTS works, speak with division leaders; “Your ALCTS Experience” Open House, Fri, June 22: something for everyone from new and prospective members to experienced long-time members. | MORE

From the President

It is very easy to suggest that ALCTS should be doing something to solve a problem, but without your active involvement in the solution, all we will have to brag about is how great the last fifty years have been. | MORE

From the Office

You, as members and leaders, and I need to pay attention to how ALCTS and its benefits are designed to be a constantly improving and engaging organization. So much so that there should be absolutely no doubt why potential members would want to join and why current members would want to continue. | MORE