Serials Section Acquisitions Announces Serials Acquisitions Glossary, 3d ed, revised

Jim Millhorn, Northern Illinois University

In 1993 the Serials Section/Acquisitions Committee, under ALCTS’ auspices, published the original print Serials Acquisitions Glossary. There have been several subsequent attempts to revive and update the Glossary. Notably, Kim Maxfield (MIT) completed an electronic Supplement to the Glossary in March 2003 as Chair of the Committee. In the last year, Committee Chair Sandhya Srivastava (Hofstra University), appointed a subcommittee consisting of Janet Hulm (Ohio University), Marie Seymour-Green (University of Delaware), and Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University) and charged them with the responsibility of creating an electronic document integrating the original Glossary and Supplement. The idea was not merely to merge the two documents, but to establish a platform to enable interested readers to suggest additions and deletions to the Glossary. The members of the Committee are intensely aware of the need to review the entire Glossary. Certain terms may appear obsolete, whereas a number of recent key concepts and developments that have emerged remain absent and unaccounted.

The Committee invites all individuals with an interest in acquisitions to forward suggestions to the current Committee Chair, Gary Ives. The Committee will review all the recommendations on a biannual basis, and amend the Glossary accordingly. With your support and participation, the Glossary can evolve into an ongoing discussion that the charts the ever-changing terrain of the serials/acquisitions field.

The Glossary is currently available on the ALCTS Web site at: