ALCTS Newsletter Online 16, no. 5

Vol. 16, No. 5 / October 2005
Mary Beth Weber, Editor
From the Editor
The time between ALA Annual and Midwinter is often viewed as a lull when people can slow down and catch their breath. There has been a great deal of activity going on behind the scenes, and this issue of ANO is filled with information about events and new resources for ALCTS members. | MORE

From the President
I would like to tell you about a theme that is beginning to emerge within ALCTS. It is one of #8220;collaboration” and “partnership.” We are collaborating with outside organizations as we work to enhance partnerships and focus on public policy and advocacy. | MORE

From the Office
What the membership goals do is this: It recognizes in a public way that ALA is made up of individuals, for the most part, and that these members deserve the very best organizational support and membership features that ALA can offer them. It is a pact; a pact between corporate ALA and its membership. Ah, but you say, ALA is its membership. Ah, but I say, yes and no. | MORE

Looking Ahead

  • ALA Annual Conference will be in New Orleans as Planned | MORE
  • Midwinter Meeting events | MORE
  • Call for Spectrum Mentors | MORE
  • New Serials Acquisitions Glossary | MORE
  • LRRT Call for Papers | MORE
  • Councilor's Update | MORE
  • Award Winner Travelogues | MORE
  • Remembering Marla Schwartz | MORE
  • '06 Support Staff Grants Available | MORE
Also. . .

Reports from IFLA '05 Oslo | MORE