ANO: August 2005

Vol. 16, No. 4 / August 2005
Mary Beth Weber, Editor

From the Editor

m b weber nanette donohue Popular culture is filled with references to change. Bob Dylan’s classic song is titled “Times They Are A-Changin’.” Fans of more contemporary music may be familiar with Cheryl Crow’s tune “A Change Would Do You Good.” Our organization has undergone a number of changes this past year. | MORE

From the President

rosann bazjirian I’m so very happy to begin my year as President of ALCTS. We have an exciting year ahead of us! This year we’ll focus on the ALCTS Strategic Plan, and a final version of the plan will be presented to the Board at the Annual meeting in 2006. Please take every opportunity to participate in its revision. | MORE

From the Office
Having skipped the Public Policy goal in the ALA2010 Plan in favor of the reminiscences of 1957 in my June musing, I wanted to continue my series on the ALA plan for August plus the next two issues. Membership will follow in October and Organizational Excellence will be December’s topic.
But first: Goal Area IV: Building the Profession. | MORE

Looking Ahead

Key Actions from ALCTS Annual Board Meetings in Chicago
  • Approved resolution honoring participants who worked on the revisions for AACR2002
  • Approved the revised FY06 budget
  • Approved the publication with ALA Editions of Cataloging Correctly for Kids, 4th edition | MORE

Committee Reports | MORE

Discussion and Interest Group Reports | MORE

Reports from Liaisons and Representatives | MORE

Recaps of ALCTS Program Offerings | MORE

Award Recipients Honored | MORE

Archivists' Society Conference 2005: Report | MORE

15th Anniversary of CRG's Speaker's Bureau | MORE