ANO Vol 16 No 2

Vol. 16, No. 2 / April 2005
Miriam Palm, Editor
From the Editor
It’s spring here in California, and I hope it is where you are as well. We received a lot of positive feedback about the Newsletter’s new format. |  MORE

From the President
An anonymous donor has purchased the world’s largest book, Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom, which will be presented to Chicago’s Field Museum during ALA in Chicago. |  MORE

From the Office
It still falls to the divisions, like ALCTS, mostly to provide the education ALA desires. The CE committee and developers can meet the challenge.(ALA 2010: Part 2 of 6) |  MORE

ALCTS Preconference and Program Offerings  | MORE

ALCTS Event Schedules
Sorted By: Date and Time | Section

Get the SCOOP: Report on ALCTS Events  | MORE

Volunteer Your Smile  | MORE

International Digital Courses Announced

Spotlight on CRG
The Council of Regional Groups (CRG) is one of ALCTS’ best-kept secrets. . . .  | MORE

“Liberry:” A Little April-Fooling Around  |  MORE

Publications, ed. by Edward Swanson |  MORE

ALCTS Election Results  | MORE

Scheduling Changes for Midwinter ’06 Explained   | MORE

NASIG Announces New Guide Series
The new NASIGuide to License Negotiation is now available on the NASIG Web site.   |  MORE

NISO Metasearch Standards Team Speeds Toward Results
The NISO Metasearch Initiative is prepared to roll out documents on technical solutions to the challenge of providing metasearch services. |  MORE

Reporters Needed for ALCTS Events at Annual  |  MORE

Our Booth Needs YOU!  | MORE

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