From the President

Carol Pitts Diedrichs, ALCTS President

brian e.c. schottlaender Change in CMDS Leadership

It is with considerable regret that I have accepted the resignation of Bonnie Cox as chair of the Collection Management and Development Section. Bonnie has been an active member of ALCTS and CMDS and was very excited to have been elected chair.

Unfortunately, Bonnie's partner of 40 years, Guy Davenport, is seriously ill, and Bonnie has decided to retire at the end of December to spend as much time with him as possible. We will miss her expertise and enthusiasm. I have assured her that our thoughts and prayers will be with both of them.

Fortunately, chair-elect, Larry Alford, has agreed to assume early leadership of CMDS effective immediately. Essentially, Larry will serve a two-year term as chair (Bonnie's term as well as his own). In the Spring 2005 elections, a chair elect for CMDS will be elected as usual. That person's term as chair will begin following the Annual Conference in 2006. Larry has already picked up the reins of the section with preparations for Midwinter well underway. I am grateful for his quick and ready agreement to take on these additional duties.

ALCTS Newsletter Online Editor Search

Miriam Palm, ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO) Editor, will complete her five-year term this coming summer. As I contemplate finding a replacement for Miriam, I recognize what a tall order that will be. If your name has ever appeared on one of Miriam's naughty or nice lists about submission of reports for the Newsletter, you'll understand the size of the shoes to be filled by her successor. We want to name the next editor by the end of summer 2005 to permit a time to work closely with Miriam, or as Charles so eloquently put it, "to help orient that person to the wacky world of Miriam."

Doug Litts has agreed to serve as chair of the search committee with Adam Schiff and Harriett Lightman rounding out the membership of the committee. The call for nominations is included in this issue. ANO is a key communication vehicle for our association and we welcome your nominations of candidates for the position. The committee will begin its work at Midwinter with plans to interview candidates at the Annual Conference in Boston, June 2005.

Audiovisual Requests

Audiovisual equipment for the Midwinter and Annual Conferences has essentially been "free" to ALCTS in the past if we met the deadline for requesting that AV from ALA Conference Services. Of course, that equipment hasn't really been free: ALA has been covering the costs from conference budgets. With the growth of technology and laptop computers, as well as the popularity of PowerPoint, the conference AV budget has grown dramatically in the past five years.

ALA has reduced its AV budget significantly for the Midwinter Meeting and is planning to do so for the Annual Conference. AV is one of the largest single expenses ALA incurs at the conferences and it is an ever-increasing expense. In the past ALCTS has always been able to adjust its requirements enough to reduce its own usage. However, since ALCTS continues to be one of the biggest users of AV, it is now necessary to make more significant reductions in our own AV expense for this Midwinter. Charles has been working with ALA Conference Services and the senior management of ALA to try and preserve some of our traditional needs. However, we are forced to reduce AV expenses across the board and in some cases eliminate the current request completely. Charles has assessed each request in light of the number of participants at the meeting and the type of business or program provided. He has communicated with those whose request for AV equipment cannot be honored.

There are two alternatives:

  1. The ALCTS Office can supply the discussion group or committee with photocopies of any PowerPoint presentation that was to be made. The number of copies will be based on your anticipated attendance.

  2. ALA will pay for less expensive AV such as an overhead projector.

We regret that this reduction has been necessary but as my banker-father used to say, "Money doesn't grow on trees."


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