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Take My Job/Be My Successor - Please!!

Miriam Palm, ALCTS Newsletter Online Editor

miriam palm, alcts editor The next ALA conference is fast upon us! We will gather in Boston next month to conduct association business, compare notes, catch up and meet & greet each other. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

This issue contains the meeting schedules for Boston and a series of special announcements about activities during conference. It also contains some news about other activities you may be interested in.

Most importantly (to me, anyway), this issue contains a call for applications to become the next ANO editor. Trust me, it's really a fun job! You get to know the inner workings of our association, and become acquainted with a great number of ALCTS leaders and members. I will be happy to meet with any of you who may be interested in throwing your hats into the ring, to describe my experiences over the past five years and answer questions. As many of you know, I haven't had a "day job" during my tenure, but my predecessors of course have, and I have tried very hard not to make this a task that can't be done by a "normal" working librarian. So please ask me any questions you'd like; applications are due to the ALCTS Office by February 1.

I will be available to mentor the new editor if s/he wishes, and will help assemble the most time-consuming issue, the post-Annual conference one in August, for one last time, this coming summer. As my predecessor, Dale Swensen of BYU, said, "all good things must come to an end," but it's been a great ride!

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