Section are units of ALCTS intended to address specific interests within the association. Currently there are five such sections. Each contributes to library service and librarianship through encouraging, promoting, and taking responsibility for ALCTS activities that relate to:

  • Acquisitions of all formats of information resources through purchase, lease and other access methods, in all types of institutions.
  • Metadata management of library materials through cataloging and classification in all types of institutions.
  • Collection management and development, selection, and evaluation of library materials in all types of institutions.
  • Preservation and reformatting of library materials in all types of institutions, and to provide leadership in the application of new technologies to assure continued access to library collections.
  • Continuing resources and the distribution of information concerning serials literature by reports and free discussion at general meetings and through publication; to encourage specialized training for librarians in the field of serials; and to coordinate the activities within ALCTS with respect to serials.

Each section has its own:

  • executive committee (the governing body)
  • committee structure
  • interest groups

Sections are not independent from ALCTS, as ALCTS is not from ALA, but they have latitude in how they conduct their own business and their relationship with other sections and ALCTS.


Any group of fifty or more members of ALCTS or of ALA whose special field of interest falls within ALCTS but is distinct from that of any existing section may be established as a section upon written petition, and upon approval by ALCTS. Members of a group in ALA who are not members of ALCTS and who are newly affiliating with ALCTS must join ALCTS within three months after such affiliation or lose their membership in the section. The name of the section shall clearly indicate its field of activity. For more on sections, see the ALCTS bylaws.