ALCTS Critical Issue Areas/Strategic Plan 2011

ALCTS Critical Issue Areas/Strategic Plan

Starting June 15, 2011

I. Explaining what we’re about and what we do.

  1. Explore changes to terminology used to identify ALCTS Sections and ALCTS itself in order to identify what we do in ways that are meaningful to all of our audiences.
  2. Develop marketing campaign(s) to promote our mission and our activities.

II. Improving how we operate.

  1. Develop an efficient process that sections use to re-examine their mission and structure as a whole in order to stay in step with the changing needs of members.
  2. Identify and implement best practices for encouraging virtual participation.
  3. Utilize technology to incorporate virtual members into live, in-person meetings.

III. Sustaining ALCTS as a vibrant, relevant organization.

  1. Give special attention to the needs of new members.
  2. Encourage participation of support staff and other under-involved groups.
  3. Recruit new members by targeting students and faculty in iSchools and library programs.
  4. Identify requirements for the financial sustainability of ALCTS.
  5. Promote collaboration among ALCTS sections, ALA divisions, and outside organizations to foster programming and continuing education, particularly in areas of emerging interest or relevance to multiple groups.

IV. Supporting standards development, implementation, and dissemination.

  1. Support members in creating, implementing, and disseminating new and emerging standards.
  2. Support members in identifying, promoting, and implementing desirable changes to existing standards.