Reporting to the Board

The President and the Board are dependent on the hard work of many members on behalf of the association. Time is scheduled at Board meetings to receive reports from sections and committees on current activities, requests for assistance, and action items. These reports should identify pertinent information and avoiding duplication of previously discussed items or items that appear on the agenda. Reports should be concise and to the point to ensure that there is time for discussion and planning. Reports requiring no Board action or advice should be submitted in writing to the office for distribution.

Types of reports for the Board:

  • Brief summary of the committee's work and plans (status of publications; program planning; establishment of task forces, subcommittees or ad hoc committees, etc.) about which the Board might be asked for advice and consultation.
  • Action items, including, presentation of a resolution, approval of program or sponsorship of a program, approval of publication, approval of awards winners.
  • Reports requested by the Board such as updates from liaison or representatives.