Board Members

The Board of Directors is composed of eighteen voting and non-voting members, elected and appointed, for a variety of terms.

Members of the Board
Member Role Voting? Elected? Officers
President of ALCTS voting elected officer
President-elect (Vice-President) voting elected officer
Past-President voting elected officer
Division Councilor voting elected  
Section Chairs (5) voting elected  
Council of Regional Groups Chair voting elected  
Director-at-large (3) voting elected  
Budget & Finance Committee Chair voting appointed  
Organization & Bylaws Committee Chair voting appointed  
Planning Committee Chair voting appointed  
ALCTS Newsletter Online Editor non-voting appointed  
ALCTS Executive Director non-voting appointed  

Terms of Office

The President/President-Elect/Past-President position is a three-year term, that person serving one year in each office. The Division Councilor serves a three-year term and can be re-elected for a second three-year term. The Section and CRG Chairs serve a one-year term on the Board. The directors-at-large serve a three-year term and cannot be re-elected. The Chairs of the three committees can serve up to four years as chair but are appointed to a one-year term. The Newsletter Editor serves a five-year term. The Executive Director serves at the discretion of the Board and the ALA Executive Director for an undefined length of time.

The Officers of ALCTS

The President, the President-Elect, and the Past-President serve as the officers of ALCTS.