Board of Directors

The Board of Directors conducts the business of the association in three separate but related realms: the American Library Association, the Division, and non-profit law (Massachusetts law for ALA and the divisions). ALCTS policies, procedures, and bylaws must not conflict with those of ALA. Each Board member, by accepting a position on the board, is obligated to carry out certain "duties" that are assigned by non-profit law.

The Board, as the main governing body of ALCTS, focuses on the organizational mission of the division, the fiscal health of the division, and providing leadership to the division. The Board also has an obligation to represent the division outside ALCTS to the best advantage.

Board Member Duties

  • Duty of Care - to act in the best interests of the organization
  • Duty of Loyalty - to have undivided allegiance to the organization's mission
  • Duty of Obedience - to know and follow the bylaws and policies of the organization

Board Best Practices

  • Have a clearly defined mission.
  • Have current and appropriate bylaws, policies, and procedures - and follow them.
  • Identify and gather necessary information for decision making.
  • Value each member's contribution and participation and foster an atmosphere of civility.
  • Have a strategic plan.
  • Provide new members with a formalized orientation.
  • Sustain the organization through a plan to identify and nurture new leadership.

To this end the ALCTS Board of Directors has adopted the following:

Charge: The Board of Directors provides strategic leadership for the division in advancing its mission and vision within the American Library Association.

Duties: The Board of Directors is the governing body of ALCTS with membership elected from the membership at large and from the sections and the Council of Regional Groups. The Board includes four members by appointment and the Executive Director. The Board meets at both the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference of ALA. As such the Board has the following duties:

  • Engage the membership in leadership.
  • Take a division-wide perspective.
  • Ensure that member viewpoints are balanced with the needs of the division.
  • Encourage and facilitate the work of the sections and Board committees to achieve the division's goals and objectives.
  • Ensure the division engages in strategic planning on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure the goals and objectives in the strategic plan are met.
  • Assure the division is well run and meets financial objectives.
  • Appoint committees, task forces, and work groups to do the work of the division.
  • In consultation with ALA hire and evaluate the division Executive Director.
  • Have responsibilities for developing policies and procedures necessary for the operation of the division.

See also the ALCTS Bylaws, Article VIII.

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