OITP Information-Commons Project 2002-2004

What was information-commons.org?

The American Library Association's Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) is engaged in a number of initiatives to promote and support the information commons, info-commons.org was one such initiative.

Initally it was planned as an irregular online publication with articles exploring the information commons model of intellectual "property." In April 2003 the format was changed to a blog. The site closed in January 2006.

These archives preserve the first phase of the project. Neither the news items nor the commons-blog are archived here.

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Archived Content


  1. June 2002: The Information Commons, New Technology, and the Future of Libraries
  2. October 2002: On the Shoulders of Giants: Tributes To L. Ray Patterson
  3. September 2003: Economic Orthodoxy and the Information Commons: An Interview With Michael Perelman


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