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From August 28-30, OITP hosted a meeting on Telecommunications Policy and Libraries.

OITP Responds to WGIG report

The UN Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), created by Phase 1 of the WSIS, was tasked "to investigate and make proposals for action, as appropriate, on the governance of Internet by 2005.'' The text of the report is available at OITP worked with the Special Libraries Association and members of the OITP Advisory Committee to respond on behalf of libraries. View our response (PDF)

At ALA's 2005 Annual Conference in Chicago, OITP sponsored a pre-conference on Digital Reference and Legal Issues as part of OITP's ongoing commitment to explore information technology policies, help libraries provide accurate and thorough user services, and uphold the public's right to a free and open information society. For several years, librarians have actively engaged in digital reference, everything from email and web forms to chat and VOIP. The communications technologies we use and provide, and the content that is shared and stored as part of the digital reference process present an environment that tests the long tradition of the library's status and its services. New questions arise concerning critical information policies such as privacy, confidentiality, copyright, and licensing.

Three papers were commissioned for the pre-conference to inform the library community as we consider current and emerging digital reference technology, copyright and licensing, and privacy. Two of the papers are posted here along with a PowerPoint presentation. The papers may inform digital reference librarians and providers as they develop policies and best practices for provision of legally sound digital reference services at their individual institutions.

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