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Below are links to specific reports, papers or Websites on the topics we will be discussing at the Denver Telecommunications seminar. The references below provide good background information on these subjects, but they are just starting points. Obviously, we can all do our own searching and find much more information.

Universal Service

FCC's Universal Service Website. Provides a brief definition of US and more detailed information on the various programs, like the E-rate, that are supported by the US fund. .

Potential Future Spending from the Universal Service Fund. Congressional Budget Office. June 21, 2006. This Congressional testimony from CBO staff provides detailed information on the funding and budget issues confronting the USF.

Keep America Connected. An organization that supports Universal Service. It is "dedicated to ensuring that all consumers have access to affordable telecommunications services and the latest technologies - no matter where they live."

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Network Neutrality

Prepared Statement of Vinton Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Google Inc. U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Hearing on "Network Neutrality" February 7, 2006. This testimony provides a good, detailed background on the subject.

Net Neutrality. Like the Cerf testimony, this site provides considerable background material on the issue.

Preserving the Essential Internet. Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT). June 2006. Another good background paper.

FCC Principles on an Open Internet. These are principles that will guide the FCC in future regulatory actions, but the principles, by themselves, do not have the force of regulations.

Save the A broad coalition that supports Net Neutrality.

E-Rate, Net Neutrality, Municipal Broadband. A PowerPoint presentation given by Wisconsin State Library's Bob Bocher at the 2006 ALA Annual Conference.

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Municipal Wireless

The Fight Over Wireless. From Slate. October 2005. Good, brief review of the current issues.

Municipal Wireless Networks Generating Controversy. April 2005. Provides some background on the issues.

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate. From New York Times (may require registration). A good article on the municipal wireless network in Philadelphia.

Community Broadband. Good site with links to many reports, articles, information on legislation, etc.

MuniWireless. A Website promoting wireless networks by municipalities. See some of their PDF links in lower right of page.

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The following three reports all address issues associated with broadband access and deployment:

Good Fences Make Bad Broadband: Preserving an Open Internet through Net Neutrality. Public Knowledge. February 2006.

Home Broadband Adoption 2006. Pew Internet &American Life Project. Provides the latest survey results of residential BB. Includes data on how people are using their BB connection.

Broadband Deployment Is Extensive throughout the United States, but It Is Difficult to Assess the Extent of Deployment Gaps in Rural Areas. GAO. May 2006. Detailed report on BB penetration.

High-Speed Services for Internet Access: Status as of December 31, 2005. From the FCC. See also the FCC's broadband goals

Broadband America - An Unrealized Vision. Developed by the EDUCAUSE Broadband Policy Working Group. July 2004.

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