The Online Privacy Tutorial

An Educational Service of the American Library Association Office for Information Technology Policy

Prepared by Leslie Harris & Associates
in conjunction with OITP staff

  1. What the Tutorial Will Cover
  2. Libraries and Online Privacy
  3. New Challenges to Privacy
  4. Privacy and the Library Profession
  5. Constitutional Origin of Right to Privacy
  6. Federal Statutory Privacy Law
  7. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
  8. Implications of COPPA for Public Libraries
  9. COPPA in School Libraries
  10. FERPA
  11. State Privacy Provisions
  12. Law Enforcement and Patron Privacy
  13. The USA PATRIOT Act
  14. Recommended Procedures for Law Enforcement Visits
  15. Role of Librarians in Protecting Patron Privacy
  16. Online Data Collection
  17. Personally Identifiable Info
  18. Tools for Collecting Data
  19. Library Issues Online Data Collection
  20. Managing Cookies for Patron Privacy
  21. Privacy Enhancing Tools
  22. Network Security
  23. Privacy Policies
  24. Opt-In and Opt-Out
  25. Creating a Privacy Policy
  26. What Is a Privacy Audit?
  27. Conducting a Privacy Audit

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License

This Online Privacy Tutorial is a service of the American Library Association. The content of this tutorial is primarily the work of Leslie Harris & Associates in Washington, DC. The views expressed in these messages are not necessarily the views of ALA or Leslie Harris & Associates. This tutorial is for information only and will not necessarily provide answers to concerns that arise in any particular situation. This service is not legal advice and does not include many of the technical details arising under certain laws. If you are seeking legal advice to address specific privacy issues, you should consult an attorney licensed to practice in your state.

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