The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

This site contains information for librarians with questions about implementing CIPA filtering at their libraries, scholars interested in the legislative history of CIPA, or those interested in the ALA's position on CIPA. The site is divided into three major areas, with further subdivisions within each:
  • Advice and Resources: This section contains useful answers to common implementation questions, worksheets, links to other resources, and more. If you are mainly interested in practical information about CIPA and how it impacts your library, look in here.
  • News and Articles: Current and past news articles relating to CIPA
  • Legal History: This section details the history of CIPA, beginning with its inception, and following it through the legal challenges brought against it. If you are looking for historical information or documents (such as legal briefs, etc) related to CIPA, check in here.


Looking for information on how other librarians are dealing with CIPA implementation? Or do you have a policy, story, or anything else you'd like to share with your fellow librarians? Check out our new From The Field area to see what problems people are finding, and what solutions they are discovering, during the process of implementing CIPA requirements!

Confused about how all these acronyms apply to you? Visit ALA's CPPA, COPA, CIPA: Which is Which? for some clarity.

CIPA implementation date is July 1 - are you ready? Take a look in our Advice and Resources section if you're in need of assistance. A few recommended resources include:

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