ALA/CIPA and Libraries Advice & Resources

This section of our Web site is intended to answer your questions, provide you with valuable information, and point you in the direction of other resources. It is divided into the following sections:

  • Questions and Answers: Frequently asked questions about CIPA, what the law applies to, and implementation of policies to comply with the law.
  • General Information: Other useful information about CIPA.
  • Tools: Tools and worksheets to help you determine how best to make your CIPA policies work.
  • From the Field: Librarian-contributed examples of policies and solutions that are being implemented around the country.
  • Best Practices: Suggestions of CIPA implementation best practices.
  • Regulations and Guidance: Federal regulations and guidance for CIPA.
  • Links: Links to other resources that have useful information for librarians about CIPA.

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