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The State of America's Libraries
Macey Morales
Manager, ALA Media Relations

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  New public libraries are still in demand

Construction and renovation of public libraries continued apace in 2005-2006. 

·         The new Jacksonville (Fl.) Public Library replaces a 1965 facility and includes 6,500-square foot teen area on the ground floor and a 25-foot owl sculpture by artist Larry Kirkland. The new building cost $102 million.

·         The Grande Bibliothèque du Québec serves both the city of Montreal and the entire province of Québec; it includes an assortment of public areas such as a conference center, bookstore, café and auditorium and cost $70.9 million Canadian ($61.6 million US).

·         New York Public Library’s five-story Bronx Library Center is tailored to the needs of the diverse community it serves and includes a Latino and Puerto Rican Cultural Center. The 78,000-square foot facility cost $50 million.

·         A $27 million joint project of the Public Library of Charlotte (N.C.) and Mecklenburg County and the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center integrates classrooms, children’s and teen library spaces, and two theaters.

·         Located in the heart of downtown, Fayetteville (Ark.) Public Library’s new Blair Library is designed to complement the historic feel of the town square two blocks away. The interior of the $23.3 million facility offers a traditional feel, with high ceilings, generous reading areas, and solid wood accents.  


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New public libraries are still in demand