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StoryLines America LogoGet your FREE set of StoryLines America tapes or CDs while supplies last!  Select from any or all of these five past series: New England and Midwest (on CD) and Northwest, California, and Southeast (on tape).   Sorry, but there are no more available tapes for the Southwest series. Libraries are limited to one set of tapes or CDs for each series, but all recordings may be copied. 

The Northwest set contains 26 tapes and a paperback discussion guide.  The California and Southeast sets each contain 13 tapes and the discussion guides may be downloaded in .pdf format (see Related Links below).  The Midwest and New England sets are available as 13 CD's.    Discussion guides for the Midwest and New England sets are also available to download in .pdf format.  

To place an order:  Please send your name, library name, mailing address (U.S. addresses only), and the series name that you are requesting via email to or via fax to 312/944-2404.

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