Public Awareness Committee

Chair: Judith Gibbons

Charge: To develop programs that promote libraries and library issues nationwide. To assist ALA members in promoting their libraries at the local, state and national levels. To work closely with ALA officers, committees and units in developing and coordinating promotional and marketing programs and tools for libraries, librarians and ALA, including National Library Week and other national campaigns focused on the continuing support of libraries.

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Arthur Curley Memorial Lecture Subcommittee
Chair: John W. Berry
Theresa M. Fredericka
Rhonda Herman
Norman L. Maas
Cheryl M. McCoy
Susan M. Ralph
Richard T. Sweeney

Campaign for America's Libraries Subcommittee
Chair: John W. Berry
Stephanie Bange
Dr. Gordon Brown
Toni L. Tucker
Ex-Officio Members:
Carol Brey-Casiano
Mario Gonzalez

National Library Week Subcommittee
: Dee Yost
Elliot L. Appelbaum
Gordon Newton Baker
Darlene Basone
Lisa R. Rice

PR Assembly
Chair: Kathleen Imhoff
Lawrence J. Corbus
Michael A. Golrick
Toni L. Tucker


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